Work is love made visible

By Dawn Shuler

Work is love made visible

Every morning, Mark and I (and the girls when they’re here) have our tea ritual.  It involves tea (duh), some sort of crumpet (scones, banana bread, whatever), and reading from a book on prosperity and abundance.

Our current book is The Dynamic Laws of Prosperity by Catherine Ponder.

I was particularly struck by her quoting Kahlil Gibran, “…work is love made visible.”

Wow.  Doesn’t that put what you do in a whole new light?

Instead of thinking of work as, well, work, you can think of work as a manifestation of love you feel for others.

I talk, teach, and coach around how most of us entrepreneurs want to be of service.  We want to change the world for the better – with small or medium or large ripples.  We want to make a difference. We want to make things better.

Imagine how thinking of the work you do – from writing emails to responding to an RFP to doing the client work to writing your newsletter – as your putting your love out into the world.

How does that make writing that email or responding to the RFP different?  I’m thinking there must be some effect.

And then let’s take it a step further… if work is love made visible, then what does that say about receiving money for said work? Isn’t that just the party on the other end showing her love for the value she received in what you offered her?

I’d love to get this conversation going… what impact does “work is love made visible” on you?