Love Your Business Deeply Challenge: Day 1 – Your Why

This entire challenge was designed around the problem that most entrepreneurs small business owners start their businesses for certain reasons, but it’s very rarely to actually run a business.

We all start our businesses for different reasons:

  • We’re passionate about what we do
  • We get to showcase our expertise
  • We can serve others
  • It’s an opportunity to make money and improve our lives
  • We want freedom and flexibility
  • And tons of other reasons

But then sometimes, our business takes over, and we feel it’s running us… instead of us running our businesses.  When that happens, it’s usually for two reasons: we’ve lost connection to why we started our business in the first place, and/or the business is taking way more from us than it’s giving back.

The Connect with Your Why… and the Money worksheet helps you to get back in touch with why you started your business in the first place… as well as the importance of your business being profitable.  And, honestly, businesses should be profitable; there’s nothing wrong with that. So, the second page of the worksheet gives you the opportunity to discover your Money Why.