What are the moments that are just waiting for you to notice?

I’m so excited to announce that I have finally published Find Your Moments, a collection of stunning photographs, each capturing the beauty of life that is all around us, some in surprising flashes. Each photo is accompanied by its special story as well as a Find Your Moments Tool to help you find meaning – in anything – every day.

This book – and this movement – was inspired one day by a trip to Burnside Bridge, the famous “monument” at the Antietam Battlefield.  As I was taking pictures on a beautiful fall day in October, I was struck by the beauty of the crunchy leaves on the wooden bridge, along with the flowing water of Antietam Creek and the trees in the background.  

It was a moment I wanted to capture – not just in my camera but in my soul.  There was beauty, quiet, peace, and the awe-inspiring knowledge of the awful things that had happened on this very bridge over 150 years ago.


How often do we actually slow down to witness moments like these?  Not often enough, in my opinion.


We’re all so busy. Rushing from one task to the other, with barely time to take a breath…. trying to get it all done…. failing… feeling awful about our failure… and getting up the next morning to repeat it all over again.

We get to the end of the day and wonder, “What did I really do today? What did I really achieve? What am I doing here?”

Every now and then, though, wispy flashes of magic appear in front of us. If we’re really paying attention, we notice those moments. We can almost see the Universe at work in the smallest thing.

Suddenly, the world doesn’t seem to hinge on our endless to-do lists. Things stop spinning, or, at the very least, slow down.

It’s more than just “stop and smell the roses.” It’s about being present in life. Really seeing life, the world, the synchronicities, the life force, love, magic all around us.


A meaningful life, one well worth living, is more than taking breaks from the daily grind. It’s finding that element in any moment that stands up to say, “Look at me! I’m right here in front of your eyes! All that other stuff… it can wait.  Pay attention to me!”


I was lucky enough to be paying attention at times, as well as to capture some of these moments.  As much as we want a witness to our moments – or at least a memory – it’s the moment itself that is important, not the capturing of it.

This book is a collection of moments that caught my eye, took my breath away, called out to my soul.

With each photo and its story, I’ve also included a short Find Your Moments Tool to help inspire you to be aware of the moments all around you.

These bits are there all the time – we just have to find our moments.


You can purchase your own copy of Find Your Moments here.


May you find the many moments around you.