Unfinished Quilts Extravaganza of 2016

I’ve made a joke, and even a marketing point, of the fact that I have many, many unfinished quilts.  Well, due to a few events over the weekend, I decided to inventory my stash, and I was a bit shocked at what I found out.

I’m having issues at how long some of these have been around. All in all, I have 10 unfinished quilt projects; that means that there are 10 quilts that I have started and are somewhere in the process.

(Yes, I have finished a few quilts, and I’m very proud of them.  I just haven’t finished them all.)

I’m also experiencing extreme sadness, and I’m not exactly sure why. Is it all these possibilities that didn’t get fulfilled? Is it the fear that I’ve lost some mad quilting skills? Is it the in-my-face knowledge of how much time has passed and how different things are (even most are different for the better, it’s still in my face)? Is it that quilting used to be such a part of my life, and now isn’t?

3 on the rackThese three are what started this jaunt down memory lane (probably perfect during Mercury in retrograde). I bought a quilt rack at a yard sale, and that day, I pulled out these quilts to display them. Now, I’ve done it.

As I looked at them, I realized I had forgotten some of the beautiful detail and color. And these three are probably the furthest along to being complete quilts.  Really, if I just spent some time on these, especially the fall one, it would get done fairly nicely.  I also have the option to outsource and have a long-arm quilter do the top quilting (the part I like the least).

So I pulled out these quilts (and some pieced fabric that’s almost a quilt on the back), and kept going through my quilt stashes.


12 blue and white blocksAt first, I thought these blue and white blocks were just leftover blocks. Then, as I pulled them out, I realized they would make a complete quilt. I must have made these as part of a block-a-month quilting class, where I did two sets of blocks each month. (I was productive in classes, evidently.)

So, what I thought wasn’t a real quilt, really had been.  At one point, I must have had ideas, plans, a design for this quilt…. because these blue and white blocks were the secondary blocks I created (the original block design probably for the quilt on the top of the quilt rack above).  I had plans, man.


Purple and tealThen, just a tiny quilt that’s in progress, a simple block that I’ve been playing around with machine quilting and stippling. Still one corner undone. Obviously, I have judgy thoughts about my abilities.


Blue teal greenHere’s one that I’m not too judgy about since this quilt top is actually being put to use… My favorite color palette.  I remember sewing this in one quilting class.  I was so proud and excited!


Bella Luna in progressBella Luna – This is the quilt I want to work on the most – and that scares me the most (since it has curves, and I excel at piecing straight lines). I love the colors, the design, and the Pacific Northwest theme. When we were in Sitka last month, I went to the quilt shop and got a private demo by the designer, Lisa Moore, which I videoed (thank goodness for modern technology).  Now, I just have to get the courage up to “fussy cut” and sew on curves.


Finally, this is the quilt-in-progress that has caused me the most grief, the Manor House.  As I was going through my quilting stash, I found pieces of this project scattered in three different places (scattered energy = scattered results).  As I opened up the fabric, I was in awe of what I had created.  If you asked me if I had ever done applique, I would have said no, not much. Well, this particular project shows just how much applique I did, and I was actually good! That’s some minute work there!  Even the piecing is tiny!

But beyond the awe at skills I had (who knows if I still have them), it was the realization that I took a quilt class and worked on this quilt back in 2000, sixteen years ago.  For whatever reason, that put me in some sort of downward spiral.  I was 28 going on 29, and now I’m 44 going on 45. And so much has changed, including my eyesight. (I’m not even sure I could do some of this fine work without prescription glasses or a magnifying glass.) Before I found my notes, I had been thinking that I could see if Capital Quilts still offers this class, but once I found the date, it could be a very real possibility of when pigs fly. Sixteen years ago. That’s blowing my mind.  This isn’t a project I started last year and just haven’t finished it.  I started this thing so long ago that the details were nowhere to be found in the recesses of my mind.


Manor House in ProgressThe Manor House quilt in process. I’ve done a lot, and there’s a lot left to do.
Applique up closeApplique and tiny piecing up close
Manor House booklet_aThis is what the Manor House is supposed to look like when completed.


I’m trying not to be sad, and I’m bringing myself up out of my downward spiral.  I can pick up these quilts right where I left off.  I can see if Capital Quilts still offers the Manor House class or take a general get-your-quilt-done class.  I can devote more time regularly to quilting.

I can make sure that this thing – quilting – that is near and dear to my heart doesn’t get forgotten again.