Love Your Business Deeply Challenge: Day 2 – Track Your Numbers

This entire challenge was designed around the problem that most entrepreneurs small business owners start their businesses for certain reasons, but it’s very rarely to actually run a business.

And the scariest place – for some – to show up and run their business? The numbers.

In a recent workshop I facilitated, I shared some tools and resources for reviewing numbers, and most people had never looked at their numbers. Sure, they might gather receipts for expenses and income to give to their accountants around tax time, but they never really looked at the numbers.

But, see, numbers tell stories!! And it’s more than just how much money you made (or didn’t)…. it can be how many speaking engagements you had, how many new subscribers, how many new memberships, how many follow-ups you made, and more.

This one thing – tracking your numbers – could be the best thing you’ve ever done, especially in terms of feeling like you’re running a business!

Download the Scorecard Template below to start tracking your numbers for 2019.  (When you download it, pay attention to the email that will give you step-by-step instructions on how to use the spreadsheet. Even if you’re an Excel novice or even an Excel virgin, it’s really easy! I promise!)