[FUEL] 5 Simple Ways to Make Progress with Your Marketing

By Dawn Shuler Running an online business requires a ton of marketing… even some things you might not consider marketing. Article writing, blogging, social media updates, sales page copy, campaign emails, video scripts, networking elevator speeches, bios… It can be overwhelming when you think about it. Sometimes it even seems easier to just not do anything. Here are five strategies to help you simplify your marketing plans – and to make sure you continue to market! The first – and the key to any project – is to break down your marketing into bite-sized small pieces. Then, take one task at a time. And if you’re a list maker, then each of those pieces is an individual task – much nicer to your psyche as you try to get things done, and you get to cross off those to-do items more often! If you have graphics (or other pieces) to
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