[FUEL] The Ins and Outs of a Product Launch

By Dawn Goldberg You’ve spent weeks, maybe even months, writing your new eBook or home study system. You brought on a graphics designer to make sure your product rocks the casbah. You’re even ready with a fulfillment company to print the CDs, DVDs, and workbook. You give a sigh of relief… you’re done. Uh, no, you’re not. Now, you have to market the thing that you’ve just spent weeks and months developing. You’re not anywhere near being done. What most entrepreneurs and people who market their businesses online don’t always remember to account for is that marketing a product is as a big a project with as many moving parts as creating the thing in the first place. While “build it, and they will come” worked in the movie Field of Dreams, it doesn’t quite work that way in the online real-world field. Ideally, you plan out the development of
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