[FUEL] Will the Real You Please Stand Up and Market

By Dawn Shuler You’re a business owner in your particular field (coach, consultant, healer…), and like it or not, there are thousands of people in your industry. Notice I didn’t say, “There are thousands of business owners just like you” because that’s not true. However, if you present yourself like everyone else or play it safe in your marketing, then you might as well be just like everyone else. The key to attracting high quality clients and to having a profitable business is to stand out from the crowd. You do that in two ways: Market authentically Reveal the true you The cool part is that both those things go together. If you’re truly marketing authentically – what feels right, what you believe in, what you stand for, what you’re passionate about, what services you offer that really solve problems – then it’s going to reveal the true you. And
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