[FUEL] Lifecycle of a Project – Four Phases and Challenges of Each Phase

By Dawn Shuler We all have projects, and as creative entrepreneurs, boy-oh-boy, do the project possibilities multiply! (I’ll talk later about all those unfinished projects. 🙂 If you’re getting that itch again to create something new, take a look at the four phases of a project to see what it is that really jazzes you. It may be that you love one phase over another, and THAT is what has you starting new projects again and again. Phase 1: Design – For most entrepreneurs, this is the fun part. This is the whole reason you probably have dozens if not hundreds of project ideas. It’s that idea of possibility… what can you create? What’s needed? How can you bring your amazingness into the world through this specific thing? Oh, it’s a wonderful thing to dream of creation! Think of the Design phase as the asking questions phase: What is it?
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