[FUEL] The Importance of Having Fun

By Dawn Shuler Business owners tend to be busy people. If your business is small, and even if you have a team (smart you!), you’re probably still pretty darn busy. There’s always more to do. Another networking meeting to attend. Another prospective client to call. Another program to design. Another marketing campaign to launch. More reports to run. The constant administrative work to do. Feel drained yet? Yep. That’s the problem. There is always more to do. You will not ever get to the end of your to-do list. Never. So give up on that dream that if you just work hard enough, work a little longer, find things to motivate you, set the timer, put your head down and push forward that you’ll get it all done. That’s the quickest way to burnout. You need fun in your life!! More fun = a happier life = a happier business
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