[FUEL] Starting Big – 5 Steps to Making It Real

By Dawn Shuler Meredith Eisenberg has a great article, “The Reverse Funnel – How to Dream BIG and Start Small.” It’s basically a product development/marketing exercise to get you thinking differently about your products and programs flow. Long story short, the article recommends that you start with your big dream package, the $50,000 kahuna that people would be willing to pay you… and you have to figure out what you would offer at that price. Then, you work down from there. I went through this exercise, and I found it fascinating. I’m sure that what I came up with is far different than if I had started the other way around: what’s the smallest thing I can offer, and then go up from there. If I had done that, my growth would have been stunted. I wouldn’t have dreamed nearly as big. Instead, I started big, and whittled down to
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