[FUEL] Dreams are important, but you need more.

By Dawn Shuler Most of us have lovely dreams and big goals.  Your Big Dream might look something like this: I want to build a premier retreat center in North Carolina. I want to be a keynote speaker. I want to write a book. I want to design and hold a year-long program. And so it goes. These are lovely dreams, but the harsh truth is that they will stay dreams unless you take action. I have a coaching client (we’ll call her Diane) who works with companies and organizations to help them improve their employees’ lives.  She’s been dancing for months with a boutique store owner who wants Diane to customize a program for her and her employees.  The problem is that she is so busy, she’s not returning Diane’s emails to set up a meeting to solidify details. During a coaching session, we brainstormed some tactics for continuing
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