Love Your Business Deeply Challenge: Day 4 – Standards and Boundaries

This entire challenge was designed around the problem that most entrepreneurs small business owners start their businesses for certain reasons, but it’s very rarely to actually run a business.

And the hardest place – for some – to show up and run their business? Putting boundaries in place to uphold their standards.

Basically, standards are how you do things, when you do them, how you respond, how you want others to treat you, etc. So, first, you want to be very clear on your standards. The Standards and Boundaries worksheet gives you a place to describe your standards.

Now comes what could be the challenging part. 🙂 On the other side of the chart, write down what boundaries you may need to put in place to uphold those standards.

Oh, actually, adhering to those boundaries could be the challenging part. 😀  But now you are armed with expectations that you can hold yourself and others to.

Download the Standards and Boundaries worksheet to start this very important process. When you download it, pay attention to the email gives you examples of areas to clarify your standards around.