Soulful Money Systems™ Series


Money, money, money!


We have all sorts of beliefs, thoughts, stories made up around money.  We avoid thinking about money. We want money. We worry about money.  We feel guilty wanting money.  We hear messages about money all around us.

And as a business owner, money is pretty darn important.  As a person living life, money is kinda important, too. 🙂

I’ve been seeing a trend in articles, messages, books about how to attract more money, heal your money story, shift your beliefs around money…

What I know from personal experience and working with small business owners for over 14 years is that this whole money thing needs to get solid.

libraAs your perfect Libra Soulful Business Coach, I balance the woo-woo with the practical. 🙂  In this 3-part live training series, I bring you the deeper work to get in touch with your own money story and what you want to manifest, as well as real tools to help you make friends with your money.  🙂

This is a series of three webinar trainings including a Q&A period at the end of each training. You’ll get the live trainings, plus all the tools and systems I personally use. In other words, if I mention a worksheet or a spreadsheet, you’ll get that for your own use.

What you focus on expands

3 webinar trainings

  • Mindset and Visioning
  • Practical and Manifestation
  • Pulling it all together

This is powerful stuff, I’m telling you!

Dates: Tuesday, June 28; Wednesday, June 29; Thursday, June 30

Again, if you can’t make all the live sessions, no worries.  I’ll record each, and you’ll have access to the replays so that you can revisit when you need a Soulful Money Systems boost!

Price: $119 for the entire 3-part series.

Here’s what you get:

  • 3 live training webinars
  • Opportunity for Q&A at the end of each training
  • Recording of each training webinar that you can access over and over
  • All worksheets, spreadsheets, and tools I present – you’ll get copies to add to your daily Soulful Money Systems™ process!