Imagine…. you need to write a sales page, or an ezine article, or a response to an email, or a proposal for a chapter in a collaborative book, or the chapter itself.

You start out with a blank page….

And it stays blank.

And stays blank.

And stays blank.


What you need are strategies and tools to move from a blank page to your powerful message from your soul.

You don’t want to stay stuck with a blank page… that doesn’t help anyone… not you and not the people who need to hear your message.

Face it: you have all this stuff to write. There’s pressure to attract more clients, sell more products, be seen as an expert, establish your credibility, get your content out there… it just goes on and on, it seems.

There’s constantly stuff to do: plan this marketing campaign, write that sales page, write a weekly article, blog – often, create program materials, design a teleclass, draft an audio or video script, maybe even write a book….

If you let yourself get caught up in the pressure and stress of the constant doing, you might actually lose sight of why you’re doing any of this. Your soul makes itself smaller, knowing that there’s no way it’s going be heard above the din of the stress, pressure, and to-do lists.


You have something important to do and say, and I want to help you say it.


And if you can’t find a way to do it easily – and heck, with some fun, at least! – then you’re not going anywhere. Which, if you’re like me, means that this business that is part of your soul – part of your purpose – isn’t living up to its fullest potential.

Which means YOU are not living up to your fullest potential.

You have things to do – big things in the world. Problems to solve. People to help.

If you’re in that frantic, “gotta get to this 28-item to-do list NOW” state, it’s hard to actually get started and to create, and especially for your final creation to be powerful and full of impact.

It’s okay, really… You can create – and have fun – and really make an impact. It’s a little (or a lot!) scary, sure, but letting out your soul and your passion is really the only way you’re going to successfully connect with your audience.

It’s beyond being authentic. It’s deeper than that. It’s having a deep conviction that you want to share your knowledge and experience.


So, let’s get away from the “it’s hard to get started” and go to the “I love what I do, and I want to share it with the world.”


Why you might be stuck…


In my years of working with people who struggle to write and create, what I’ve found is that the biggest hurdle for people is actually getting started. They’re stuck. (That blank page, remember?) Often, it goes back to how they were taught to write in school. Most of the time, that consisted of writing an outline and then a rough draft.

Well, that’s great, if you think very linearly and logically. But if you don’t – and many people don’t – then it’s a little hard to figure out how to get started with a project.

I’ve been researching the brain and how we process the world for years, and I’m a huge fan of Howard Gardner’s Theory of Multiple Intelligences – the idea that there are seven different ways (he calls them “intelligences”) to process the world. Logical and linear (outlines, bullet points, graphs, tables, Excel spreadsheets) is just one way.

So, going all the way back to my English teacher days over twenty years ago, I started coming up with different ways to unlock creativity and start playing with ideas. I’ve been creating, designing, and noticing strategies all over the place, and I started categorizing (I do have a little logical and linear in me!) these strategies in the seven different ways to process the world.

  • Verbal/linguistic
  • Logical/mathematical
  • Visual/spatial
  • Body/kinesthetic
  • Musical/rhythmic
  • Interpersonal
  • Intrapersonal

RSW_3Dicon_reflectEnter the Ready, Set, Write From Your Soul Toolbox, my 100-page manual on creativity to help you uncover your deeper message – your way.

The Ready, Set, Write From Your Soul Toolbox — with its amazing resources, tools, and strategies — reminds you that it’s not all about your to-do list and the pressure. You can actually allow your passion and creativity out and have fun doing it.

And the best part about that?

All those to-do’s… the sales page, the article, the blog post, the marketing campaign, the book… they’re actually easier to create and write when you allow your passion and creativity – and your soul – out.


This Toolbox will help you do that with:

  • an overview of the different ways people process the world, and help you figure out how you can use that information to create
  • information about the creativity cycle and how to manage your creative energy
  • 58 (and counting!) fun, creative, powerful strategies to start any project
  • resources to help you go even deeper in your creativity

The Ready, Set, Write From Your Soul Toolbox goes into detail with these 50+ strategies with descriptions, examples, worksheets, and how-to’s… to open up your creativity, allow you to tap into your soul, and make a powerful impact with your words.


Never be scared of the blank page again!


So, let’s make it easy to banish the blank page… Purchase the Ready, Set, Write From Your Soul Toolbox: a 100-page resource on creativity, how we process information, and a compendium of more than 50 strategies to help you tap into your deep, compelling message.

In addition, you get almost five hours of audios from the live, five-week class I taught for years on these strategies. These audios contain more in-depth material, rich coaching, and valuable insights from real people who use the strategies you’ll find in the Toolbox. It’s a great accompaniment to the Toolbox with more extensive information on

  • The writing process, beyond the Roman numeral outline and rough draft you might have been taught in school
  • The seven multiple intelligences (basically, how you process the world) explained in detail – and how you perhaps might process the world
  • What these multiple intelligences have to do with writing and creating
  • Differences between creative energy and “doing” energy
  • Creativity and where, when, and how it happens
  • The writing process, and the huge part prewriting (the creating side) plays in the writing process
  • The importance of playfulness, space, exploration
  • Benefits of spending more time on the playful, creative stage
  • How you know when it’s time to move from prewriting and creating to writing
  • Real-time exercises using the strategies in the Toolbox
  • and much more!

All this for just $97. Wow! The manual is chock-full of resources that I personally use every day. Imagine having this at your fingertips any time you need to tap into your soul, unleash your creativity, and write from that authentic place.


Yes, I want to tap into my creativity and make a powerful impact!

For just $97, you get the rich, 100-page Ready, Set, Write From Your Soul Toolbox, five hours of audios to help you explore creativity and writing… and you can start unlocking your creativity and uncovering your deeper message today!

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bonusAnd as a bonus, you get the audio of 10 Steps to Getting That Book Written- free! Whether you’re writing a book or writing ANYTHING, these 10 Steps will help you get started. It’s a great companion to the Ready, Set, Write From Your Soul Toolbox!


Here’s a sneak peek into just a few pages in the Ready, Set, Write From Your Soul Toolbox (click on the images to get the full impact!):

divination_cards_screenshot wordle_screenshot journalistic_antiinquiry_worksheet_screenshot tell_me_more_worksheet_screenshot
Divination Cards Strategy Wordle Strategy Journalistic Anti-Inquiry
Tell Me More Worksheet


Imagine having this Toolbox by your side, able to thumb through and pick a creative brainstorming/idea generating strategy to unlock your message and get rid of the blank page!


Here’s what some people have to say about the Ready, Set, Write From Your Soul Toolbox…

"The Ready, Set Write program unlocked my creative juices, even though I have spent years in a creative profession as a designer, this program gave me new ways to tap into my creative goddess and let her out. I developed another level of self understanding at the same time around how I work best, who I need to bring into my business to help and compliment my strengths, and permission to really be me rather then trying to force myself to be and do things that I am not wired for.

I look forward to practicing and implementing my new skills and knowledge into my business and life."

Chris Baeza
Immaculata University - Director of the Fashion Merchandising Program

"Dawn is one of the most caring instructors I’ve had the privilege to learn from. I took her course Ready, Set, Write to polish my writing skills, learn new tools to break through writer’s block, and boost my writing confidence. She gave genuine constructive critiques of the writing samples and empowered me to stretch my efforts for better writing. The toolbox resources she provided have been printed out and are dog-earred from usage.

Having so many choices and stimulators for unlocking my creativity is like being given the keys to the locked room. Dawn, you have an amazing knack of getting us to dig deep to find the ‘inner writer’ inside and encourage the creativity that’s way down deep to simply bubble up to the surface where it can freely flow.

Thank you, Dawn, for helping me to move past my self-imposed writing blocks to press forward and see topics from fresh angles. I’ve recommend Dawn’s courses many times in the past and will continue to confidently refer people to her."

Ruth Martin

"Ready, Set, Write was a liberating, playful experience. I had no idea so much could be accomplished in only an hour a week. Dawn's tips, tools, and presentations were topnotch and immensely helpful to my writing journey."

Laura Allen

"I took Ready, Set, Write because I have a biography to write that has taken me two years to get done. It's not a long biography, but I've struggled with trying to figure out what direction to take. Well, thanks to Dawn's RSW class, not only was I able to narrow down my focus through the exciting strategies, I learned that pre-writing can be fun and it is definitely useful. (I'll never skip this step again.) My writing feels more concise and to the very point I was trying to convey. I have a newfound fondness for pre-writing thanks to the RSW Toolkit and my classmates. Now, I'm eagerly seeking out my next writing project!"

"I recently took one of Dawn's Ready, Set, Write courses. In my case, I went into the course having started on a novella years ago, and wanting to start on an eBook. In both cases, I wasn't writing enough, nor often. By week 3 of Ready, Set, Write, I was not only writing more often, but also with renewed energy and confidence. I'd never really strategized before; I just wrote. The strategies Dawn made available were hugely valuable, and in fact I'm using some of them now as I tackle my eBook."

Rob Neilly

Yes, I want to tap into my creativity and make a powerful impact!

For just $97, you get the rich, 100-page Ready, Set, Write From Your Soul Toolbox, five hours of audios to help you explore creativity and writing… and you can start unlocking your creativity and uncovering your deeper message today!

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