Do you love designing marketing campaigns?

Do you know all the pieces needed for a new product or program?

Do you think it’s great fun to figure out all the details of a launch?


I do!


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Take the guesswork out WHAT needs to be done WHEN!


One of the things I’ve been doing with my clients for umpteen years is helping design marketing campaigns, including launch campaigns.  I can do it in my sleep practically, as I just naturally work backwards from a desired launch date, and my systems-oriented brain knows all the steps needed.  I gotta tell you that planning ahead of time makes the entire process easier, more manageable, and more results-oriented.

Scenario #1:  You decide you want to create a new product or program, and you choose a date a month from now that it will be available or start.  Sounds nice and doable, huh?  As you get into it, you realize you have to start marketing BEFORE the start date, and ideally, you want at least two weeks to market.  Now, you’re looking at starting your first marketing in just two weeks.  And in those two weeks, you need to have a sales page finalized (so there’s a place for people to go to when you start marketing) and all the back-end done.  What seemed easy and manageable now feels tight, with no room for error.  Oh, and you have to figure out what all those dates are that you need stuff done.

Let’s move onto Scenario #2:  You take the date you want to launch your program or product, and you plop that date into the handy Launch Campaign Generator tool.  It then populates all the due dates for each major phase of a launch.  Your plan is handed to you and your team, and you all work from a place of ease, instead of panic.

I’ve done it both ways, and I’ve worked with clients who didn’t plan ahead and then were in a panic with all they had to do.


If they had started earlier and given themselves more margin, then they would have felt empowered, instead of helpless and bound to dates; excited, instead of frazzled by too many details; calm, instead of stressed over too little time to do too many tasks.


(Which of those descriptions do you like better? 🙂 )

While I can create an Action Plan for the design, planning, marketing, and launching of a program or product, you don’t always have me available to fill in all the holes for you.   (Especially at 5am when you wake up with a great idea and don’t know how to bring it into fruition or in a panic because you can’t see how all the details will get done.)

campaign_launch_generator_screenshotSo, I created a pretty neat tool (if I do say so myself) called the Launch Campaign Generator to help you calendarize any product/program launch with all its components.

Hint:  While the main purpose of the Launch Campaign Generator tool is to help you calendarize your campaigns, it also can serve as a checklist for all you need for a launch, including:

  • Design and Planning (pricing, early bird discounts, bonuses, deadlines)
  • Sales page
  • Back-end pieces (product, buy buttons, autoresponder/tag, thank you emails)
  • Marketing (solo emails, social media marketing)

Fun story:  I created this tool back in 2014 when Mark, my daughters, and I were on a plane to Alaska where Mark and I were going to get married.  I had had this inspiration for a tool that everyone could use – and that would be super easy, too.  Across the aisle, Mark looked over at what I was doing, and he just thought it was the coolest thing ever!  He said, “Man, you have to sell this!!! This is awesome!”  (Honestly, I was just creating it as a fun thing.)  Since then, I’ve shared it with a few select clients and offered it as a bonus with other programs, and now I offer it to you so that you can add this powerful little tool to your marketing arsenal!

Along with the powerful, yet simple, Launch Campaign Generator, you also get a training video to show you how to use it, along with a few tips on creating a powerful campaign.

You can get the Launch Campaign Generator for just $47, which includes the tool itself that you can use for simple launch campaigns or more advanced ones (think preview call), as well as the training video.  Plus, if there are any updates or improvements to the Launch Campaign Generator tool, you’ll automatically get the updated version.


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