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Thank you for signing up for the Create Your Marketing Plan for Your Business system. Using this as your trusty sidekick, you’ll find that you plan more systematically, don’t panic, and stay on track with your business.

As promised, you’ll find the following below:

  • The Create Your 2017 Marketing Plan for Your Business tool
  • The recorded audio from the inaugural teleclass explaining the tool and sharing strategies on how to use it
  • A few extra tips 🙂
  • Real Q&As from people who attended the live teleclass
  • The option for you to send in your own burning question, and I’ll add it, along with my answer, of course, to the resources below.
  • How you can work with me if you need some additional direction and help. You don’t have to do this alone!


2017mpCreate Your 2017 Marketing Plan for Your Business Tool

Download your Create Your 2017 Marketing Plan for Your Business tool here. Click to open and then save to your computer, or right-click and choose Save As or Save Link As to save to your computer and go to town!



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Some extra tips to make the Create Your 2017 Marketing Plan for Your Business even more successful:

1. Schedule time in your calendar before the start of each month to see what you’ve planned for the upcoming month. Make sure you schedule your marketing and writing to do’s in a way that works for you (on your calendar system, as tasks, etc.) Better yet, schedule it as a recurring appointment on your calendar each month… and keep that appointment just as you would a client appointment.

2. At least once a quarter, review the entire plan and make adjustments if necessary.

3. Keep it near you. It’s not going to work if you don’t keep it handy.  I bring mine with me when I travel for business conferences and retreats. It’s great having a portable plan!



Q: How often do I put blog posts out on LinkedIn and Facebook? I don’t want to overwhelm my Facebook or LinkedIn friends and contacts, but I definitely want to build blog readership, along with trust and credibility.

A: Blog posts are a bit different from marketing and promotional emails. Blog posts tend to be strictly informational and content-driven, although occasionally, you can use a blog post for promotion. If you’re putting out post after post with great content, case studies, and the every-now-and-then personal tidbit, you’ll build a following.

As far as how often, some experts will tell you that you need to blog 30 times a month. Yikes! In my opinion, you want to blog as much as you can. For me, I’m happy if I blog once a week, and my woo-hoo goal is three times a week. You have to find the sweet spot that works for you.

Q: What do I write about?

A: This is the question of the century, and it’s a place that can stop people from even getting started. As long as you’re writing with your potential client/customer in mind and really giving him/her helpful information, the sky is the limit. Article marketing experts have template after template: Q&A (like this one!), top 3 mistakes, top 10 ways to be successful, 5 quick things you can put into place right now…. It doesn’t have to be hard.

The key is to go deep into what your ideal client’s problem is and how you can solve it. What is her pain? What is she struggling with? And how is it that you can help (in terms of content, not just the products, programs, or services you offer)?

Q: What do I offer?

A: This is easiest to answer in terms of writing an ezine, where periodically, according to your publishing schedule, you have an ezine with several parts (ranging from a personal introduction, calendar of events, main article, bio, and that offer). Your offer could be anything from an upcoming event or launch to a current passive-revenue product.

Now, if your question is really “Out of all the things I do, how can I turn that into an offer?” then that’s probably beyond the scope of this class and tool, and something that a consultant or business coach is beautifully suited to handle. 🙂

Q: What if what I have to say isn’t really valuable or it’s been said before?

A: You DO have something valuable to say! Otherwise, you wouldn’t be in business. Think about it… you’re in business because you believe you provide a valuable service or product. Sure, other people in your field offer a similar service or product, but no one is you.

My recommendation is to get very clear on what makes you and your services/products unique. Why you and not someone else? What unique perspective do you bring to your industry? How do you do things differently from your competitors? Put that spin on what you’d like to say, and it WILL be different from what others have said and written.

Q: How do I get people to know that I have a blog?

A: I wish there was a quick answer to this question. (Okay, there’s a quick answer, just not an immediate result.) First, write – lots! Second, have your blog feed into all the social media sites (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+). If you do a video blog, make sure you promote on YouTube. Third, find other, high-quality blogs and comment on them (valuable comments, not just “I like it!” or “I agree!”); make sure the URL you provide is the link back to your own blog. Fourth, engage in conversation on your blog. If someone comments, respond. Start a dialogue. Fifth, submit your blog to blog directories like Technorati.

Q: I am just beginning, so where do I start first? How do I get people to read and sign up for my e-zine, blog, etc.?

A: For your blog, follow the recommendations above. For your ezine, submit your articles to article directories like Make sure you have a resource box or bio that links back to your website. Include your blog URL in your email signature line, and if your blog is separate from your website, make sure you include your blog in your website navigation. To get people to sign up for your ezine, the best way is to offer a free gift on your website. Your free gift should be valuable content with a compelling headline so that people WANT to sign up for it. Remember: you’re competing with hundreds of emails a day, and people are getting more and more choosy about where they give out their email addresses.

These are just a few suggestions, but hopefully enough to get you started!

Do you have your own question about marketing, writing from your soul, or using this tool? Email me at dawn at write well u dot com (yeah, yeah, trying to scare away the spam bots….), and I’ll answer you personally, and then add the Q&A to the resources here.


What if you want more?

Some of you are going to be able to take this tool and go to town right away. Yay for you, and have fun! Others of you may need a sounding board and to speak your ideas out loud. Some of you may have so many great ideas that you could promote 50 different things next month… but you have no idea where to start. Some of you are going to want extra help.

You really don’t have to do this alone.

If you want more support, I have several coaching packages, including a one-hour Smart Business Strategy Consultation, that probably fit right where you are.

You really don’t have to do this all by yourself. I’ve been working with business owners and entrepreneurs for over 13 years, and I can see the big picture as well as the details that make up what you’re trying to do. Imagine having systems that help your business run smoothly, a strategy to promote your products and services, and powerful content that proclaim your expertise and amazingness to the world!

Check out the coaching packages I offer, and let’s make your business rock!

Or… you might find the Creating Content Club an easy way to get the tools, support, classes, and time to write and create loads of content! One low monthly price and tons of resources at your fingertips!

I wish you the best of success in 2017!