What is your marketing plan for your business?

Oh, you don’t think you need a marketing plan?

Do you have any ezine articles, blog posts, sales pages, marketing emails, webpage copy, potential client responses, or anything else to write?

Do you have any classes, products, or programs you would like to launch?

Yeah, you need a marketing plan!



This whole idea of a marketing plan came about as I started planning for classes and programs I was offering back in 2012. Just January through March, I was offering two new teleclasses, a new 15-day writing program, a re-run of a previous program, and my monthly Just Write! Virtual Workshops.

And it’s not just as easy as “build it and they will come.” See, it’s the “building” that takes effort and time. So for each thing I was offering, I needed:

  • Sales pages
  • Thank-you pages
  • Thank-you emails
  • Campaign emails
  • Social media updates
  • Affiliate promotional materials

For. Each. Class. And. Program.


And let’s not forget my regular ezine and all the blog posts I was “supposed” to be writing. Oh yeah, and other marketing ideas, like webinars and video scripts on a big to-do list, but didn’t have any timelines associated with them.

Another yikes.

So, for my own sanity, I developed the Create Your Marketing Plan for Your Business tool. This way I was able to plan each program, product, and class (so I wasn’t starting three new classes in one month), and the marketing campaign for each. Then, add in “regular” (what I call foundational) marketing/writing tasks like blog posts and ezine articles, as well as a place to capture other marketing ideas, and I had myself a Marketing Plan for My Business!

And to top it all off, since I could see the flow of goals and launches, I could also plan my content (i.e. ezine articles, blog posts, and social media updates) so that they were all working together!

How would you like to Create YOUR 2017 Marketing Plan for Your Business?


With the Create Your Marketing Plan for Your Business system, you get

  • the Create Your 2017 Marketing Plan For Your Business tool that you can print out and keep it by your side (I do!). It’s more than just a planning system…. it’s goal setting, chunking those goals into manageable steps, and incorporating it all with the regular content you’re writing. It’s an amazingly robust tool!
  • the recorded audio of the inaugural teleclass I led on how to use the tool
  • access to real-live Q&A around writing and marketing
  • free annual updates to the Create Your Marketing Plan tool – that means when I come out with the 2018 version, you’ll get it, too – free!business-soul-alignment-3-d

And new for the 2017 version!

  • The Business Soul Alignment™ Check-up tool – In this highly-charged, energetic world, we’re constantly evolving and changing, and our businesses change as a result. And sometimes we’re working visions and plans that have become outdated.  Your vision changes, and your business has to adjust.  Your business needs to come back into alignment with your soul purpose and mission.  You need a Business Soul Alignment™!  This tool takes you through questions to determine your current Business Soul Purpose and then an exercise to align your business with your true Business Soul Purpose.


Yes, I want to Create My
2017 Marketing Plan!

For just $47, you get the Create Your Plan for Your Business audio recording, the Create Your Marketing Plan Tool, the Business Soul Alignment™ Check-up, access to relevant Q&A around marketing and writing, and free annual updates to the tool.

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What will you be able to do as a result of the Create Your 2017 Writing Plan for Your Business system?

  • Have a plan that is well thought-out, instead of “I should offer a teleclass – tomorrow! Let’s see… what do I need to write?”
  • Planned 3-12 months’ worth of goals and then break those goals into manageable actions per quarter.
  • Have a step-by-step marketing process for every program or product you want to launch in 2017
  • Strategize how you want to connect with your community and target market, instead of off-the-cuff or as-you-think-about-it kind of writing you might have been doing
  • Know how you’re going to make the 2017 Marketing Plan work for YOU (in other words, actually use the thing!)
  • Confidently do all the writing and marketing needed for your business in 2017 as well as plan for new ideas (the FUN part of running your own business!)

If you’d like to start or continue 2017 strong, with your entire year planned out (as much as you can, anyway), and all the support content and marketing pieces to boot, then you won’t want to miss this tool!

I use this tool ALL the time. I print it out and bring it with me everywhere I go, especially those creative planning outings at Starbucks or if I’m traveling. I use it to focus on my goals, plan my promotions, and jot down ideas for my ezine, new products, and other business marketing to-do’s.

It’s become essential to running my business! And it’s made a huge difference in my ability to plan and not feel like I’m running around like a chicken with its head cut off when it comes to marketing my programs and products.

Still not convinced?

Take a look at the mini video series I created to explain why you want a Marketing Plan and how EASY it is to create – and use – one!

Create Your Marketing Plan Tip #1 – The first step in planning all your marketing starts with a simple calendar. (See? Not hard at all!)


Create Your Marketing Plan Tip #2 – A plan is a little more than just plugging dates into a calendar, although that’s a great first step. The second tip is managing ALL the pieces of your marketing so that you don’t go crazy trying to keep it all in your head.


Create Your Marketing Plan Tip #3 – To make a plan workable – and to even WANT to do the work – you need four essential ingredients: Persistent, Love, Action, and Notice. Watch the video below and find out how these four steps are integral to your marketing.


Yes, I want to Create My
2017 Marketing Plan!

For just $47, you get the Create Your Plan for Your Business audio recording, the Create Your Marketing Plan Tool, the Business Soul Alignment™ Check-up, access to relevant Q&A around marketing and writing, and free annual updates to the tool.

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Here is what other people had to say about using this system:

"The Create Your Plan for Your Business Quarterly Workshop was great - well paced - and well-thought out of what to make sure people include. The most valuable piece was having the accountability and time set aside to map out the next quarter.

I walked away realizing that mapping out a quarter of writing or marketing plans isn't that daunting. I probably spent more time sitting around thinking "I should do that," vs. just sitting down and getting it done. Now, I have everything down on paper and it's just done.

As a result, I scanned and sent my written up calendars to my VA today to put into our Google calendar that we share through email. Having everything down on a calendar saves me from distraction and self-destruction. Instead of getting overwhelmed with ideas and everything I need to get done to the point that I just don't do anything, I now have it planned out.

Now, it's time to focus and get it done!"

Laurren L. Darr

"I just purchased your "Create Your Marketing Plan" tool. As you know, I am beginning to market my web design business through content creation. There are many options, and it soon became overwhelming to know what to do first. Your tool is simple but very effective. It enabled me to create my marketing plan for the next quarter in an afternoon rather than the hours I had spent spinning my wheels. Thanks, Dawn!"

Mary S. Finlayson