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what if

… you could create a deck of cards that was unique to you and your personal values and inspiration?

… you had a tool that you could use every day to ground and center yourself?

… you had something physical that would allow you to remind yourself of what’s important – when faced with a decision, a challenge, or an opportunity?


power_words_deckPower Words are a unique list of words that conveys the deep, authentic YOU.  These words represent the core essence of who you really are as well as what is truly important.  Part 1 of the workshop will be an exercise to help you create your own list.

During Part 2, we’ll create a deck of cards, using YOUR Power Words.   Why have a deck of these cards?

  • Your card deck infuses them (the Power Words) with even more power and your energy
  • Your cards get you in touch with your inner, authentic self
  • They give you a physical, in-the-world tool for you to use – to ground, center, align – and even to use practically (writing, for example, or to make a decision)
  • You can use your to get in touch with yourself during those times when you feel a little lost or stressed
  • Your cards are a reminder of what’s important – what’s deep – what the essence of you is


power_words_deck2At the Create Your Own Power Words Oracle Deck Workshop, you will create your own deck of Power Words cards that you can use to:

  • help align you… with your energy, your values, and what’s truly important to you
  • center and ground at any time of day
  • remind you of your deeper, authentic self
  • get in touch with what’s really important when you’re feeling a little lost or stressed
  • as a tool to direct you in an activity or to help make a decision





Participants making their Power Words Oracle Dec

Participants making their Power Words Oracle Deck


Another workshop, more cards, and lots of supplies!

Another workshop, more cards, and lots of supplies!

Details for the next workshop






Saturday, September 24


Myersville, Maryland




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Fee includes workshop and all supplies to make cards (paper, markers, paint, stamps, magazines, and more to create collages), although you are welcome to bring any of your own art supplies.  Light snacks and refreshments will be provided.Workshop Supply Collage

I’ll guide you through creating your personal, unique list of Power Words, and then I’ll share with you some creative techniques to design your custom deck of Power Words cards.  NOTE: No artistic skills needed! As one participant noted, “You don’t have to be ‘artistic.’ Dawn’s helping us be creative.”

That’s actually a big part of why I offer this workshop:  I want you to tap into your creative side and PLAY!  When was the last time you go to swirl paint, use stamps, go crazy with stencils, immerse yourself in Mod Podge?!

The bigger reason is to give you a deeper experience… connecting with your deeper, authentic self, and then pouring some of you into this tangible, out-in-the-world deck of cards… infused with the essence of you.

Come with just you, and you get to walk out with a deck of your Power Words to ground and connect at any time!


Here are examples of Power Words Oracle Decks created in some of my workshops!

Click on the pictures below to get more details of how these were created!


As a bonus, I’ll also share with you my Compass Rose Map as a tool to use with your Power Words Oracle Deck.


May 2016 Workshop_playing with cards

Ready to create your own deck of Power Words? 🙂


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