Once you know something, you can’t unknow it

By Dawn Shuler

Once you know something you cant unknow it

Last Friday, I was just going to putter and do minor things around the house: empty the dishwasher, make the bed…. little things.  As I started to do my puttering in the kitchen, I noticed how dirty and gross the microwave was.  And how something in the veggie drawers had leaked, and they were nastiness personified.

Now, the microwave has been a mess for a while, and I kept warning the girls that I was going to make it a summer project for them to clean it out.  I was always too busy.  (Plus, I’m not the culprit that makes the microwave messy, and it was bad… there was stuff on the ceiling of the microwave!)

I thought about continuing to ignore those things, but it was as if once I knew those things were there and they were really in my consciousness, I couldn’t unknow it.

Plus, it was Friday afternoon and Mark was gone, so I didn’t have any scheduled to-do’s and it wasn’t cocktail time.  And Mark wasn’t around to play.  🙂

I didn’t have any excuses to not take care of these things.

This is true in life and in business.  It could be the mysterious charge on your bank account that showed up that you have to research.  It could be the email from an unsatisfied customer.  It could be the realization that there’s a whole in a process.

Once you know it, just handle it right then and there if possible. You’ll save yourself negative thinking, energy drains, and random thoughts (“Oh, yeah! I need to take care of ____”).

Because you won’t unknow it.