My 15 Steps to Manifestation

By Dawn Shuler

What are you manifesting today

Over the last several years, I’ve done a lot of work on changing my attitudes, beliefs, and actions around money.  Over 10 years ago, my then-husband and I worked with a financial coach – for that very reason.  I’ve read books, I’ve taken workshops, I’ve worked on my mindset, I’ve become aware of my financial story.

Yet still I seemed to struggle.

Never enough.

Never enough.

Never enough.

Well, that is changing.  Magic is happening. Tides are turning.  Money has come and is coming.  Sometimes out of the blue.

What made a difference?  I believe it was these 15 things. Some of them I’ve been doing for years, as I mentioned.  But all 15 on the list were things I did in a focused, concentrated, conscious manner over about 3-4 weeks.

As a result, we have two contract proposals out to NASA that are awaiting final approval, someone signed up for a VIP 1/2-Day unexpectedly, a new coaching client signed on, and Mark got a new client.  We also were given gifts in the form of personal care products, vodka, breakfast, gift card to a restaurant.

1. My retreat I held was awesome! I floated on air for days.  I kept dipping into that feeling over and over.

2. I bought a Chakra healing CD and listened to it over and over, in the car and in my office.  It’s a basic sound healing based on notes (one note for each Chakra), but, boy, is it powerful!

3. I did an energy clearing session with an energy worker. She cleared out some yucky stuff around my business (someone else feeling jealous of my business – not malicious, but not a pleasant circumstance nonetheless) as well as regrounded Mark, me, and the business.

4. I quit my part-time job at Chico’s (my dirty little secret).  I had started working there last summer to begin the positive flow of money (and to get a discount on my favorite clothes).  After a while, though, it just wasn’t the positive experience it had started out as.  I was in pain from the work, and the scheduling was taking precedence over the rest of my life and my main business, so opposite of the original point.

5. Every morning we read a prosperity and wealth book, and for the past two years, it’s been one of Chellie Campbell’s books. We finished her second one and decided to start a whole new one, The Dynamic Laws of Prosperity by Catherine Ponder.  It’s all about Law of Attraction (even before it was a mainstream term) and about how we are meant to be prosperous.  It’s a new voice to add to our chorus of prosperity thought leader authors.

6.  We did a major clean out of the storage room in our basement. Truth be told, it only took about two hours, but we went from piles of stuff that you had to climb on to the majority of the room being cleared with 75% of the floor space clean and free of stuff.  I could feel the freer energy!

7.  As a result of cleaning out the storage room, we removed 7 boxes of books.  Within two days, the books had either been incorporated into shelves in the rest of the house, marked for our upcoming yard sale, set aside for Goodwill, or entered into our account on (a great way to trade books).  The next day, we got the call about how we were chosen for the first NASA contract. No way was that a coincidence!

8.  We did a major cleaning of the house, and as I cleaned, I thanked the house for all it provides for us and appreciated how clean we were making it.

9.  Any time my mind started wandering toward doubt and anxiety, I turned toward more positive emotions: appreciation, excitement, optimism.  I concentrated on feeling good and thinking good thoughts.

10. Another book we brought into our lives is Ask and It Is Given by Abraham-Hicks.  Immersing myself into the belief that our positive thoughts and emotions are what draw the things we want to us has been a powerful exercise. Both Mark and I are reading it, each with our own bookmark.  🙂

11. I found a great article online called 8 Feng Shui Tips to Bring in Money Fast, and as a result, I painted rocks gold for our front door entrance. Then, I got the bug and painted lots and lots of rocks gold.  🙂 Gold rocks were part of the goodie bags at my retreat, and I put them all around the house.  Then, Mark built me stands for my monitors on my desk, and I painted those gold, too!

12. I put myself to sleep every night saying a prayer to the Universe, Source, God, Archangels, my Higher Self, my Ancestors, my Spirit Guides (I don’t want to leave anyone out!) and appreciating the good things that happened that day.  I try to put myself back into that good feeling of each thing I’m appreciating – how it felt and how grateful I was/am for it.

13. I created new goal cards, and as I read or say them each day, I imagine how GOOD doing the things in those goal cards would feel.  I imagine it, visualize it, feel it, think it.

14. I had a major breakdown and breakthrough of my core issue, coincidentally (or not) on the same day we cleaned out the basement.  I realized that my core issue, my little girl issue, is that I’m unwanted.  Considering that’s been part of my conception and birth (my mother had an affair with a married man who wanted nothing to do with me after I was born), it’s a big deal to realize it and now be able to counter it.

15.  Belief.  I just keep taking the next step in faith, not fear – at least, as well as I could.

Now, of course, I did the practical stuff, too.  Followed up with people. Put offers out there.  Networked.  Had meetings.  Made phone calls.

But I do believe it was the 15 steps above that made the biggest difference – or put more power behind those practical actions.

May you manifest whatever you desire!