Love Your Business Deeply Challenge: Day 6 – Get a Life!

This entire challenge was designed around the problem that most entrepreneurs small business owners start their businesses for certain reasons, but it’s very rarely to actually run a business.

And the hardest place – for some – to show up and run their business? Also have a life.  (This is the hardest place for me, to be honest and transparent.)

It’s so easy to get lost in our businesses that we actually forget to have a life. So, along with running your business like a business, you need to run your life like a life. See, we end up devoting so much of ourselves and pouring into our businesses that we wrap our identity around our business.

We need to reclaim that!

The Get a Life Menu reminds you that you should take time every day that’s just for you and has NOTHING to do with your work life.

Download the Get a Life Menu worksheet to start this very important process around paying attention to your life and consciously and intentionally running your life like a life!