It doesn’t happen in a day

By Dawn Shuler

Its the forward motion the upward spiral thats important

The other day I was listening to my local classical music station, and after a particular piece of music, the DJ (do we still call them that?) told a story behind this particular composition.

Nikolai Rimsky-Korsakov took twenty-five years to complete the piece, Maid of Pskov, to his satisfaction.  He worked on it for a few years and it even premiered on stage as a full-blown opera. But then he tinkered and tweaked, until twenty-five years after he had initially begun the project, he completed the final and third version.

How many times do we beat ourselves up over not finishing something or even finishing something lickety-split?

Maybe it’s a great idea, and you’ve done some work on it, but it’s not quite ready to grow up yet.  Maybe you need to evolve and grow a bit yourself before your idea, your project, your baby is ready to come into its full, definitive version.

This isn’t to say that you have to wait until it’s PERFECT to launch. It just means to not beat yourself up over the fact that you’re not making as fast progress as you think you should.

Wherever you are right now… it’s perfect.  Take a deep breath and go work on your project… at whatever stage, at whatever version it is.  And celebrate that forward progress.

Because forward progress – motion – movement – upward spiral – is what’s truly important.