Is your vision big enough to pull you forward?

By Dawn Shuler

Is your vision strong enough to pull you forward

As entrepreneurs and business owners, it can be hard, this job of running a business.  As CEOs of our own business, WE are the ones who have to design the long-term strategy, find new clients, launch new products and programs.  We don’t have a president of board of directors setting the direction and the plan to follow.

We have to do that.

That means in the midst of life and everything around us, we have to keep the vision strong.  We have to make those marketing calls.  We have to go to the networking events.  We have to follow up. We have to send out that “last chance to register” email.

Sometimes we don’t want to.  And, again, there’s no one else setting the direction.  So, if we fall short and don’t sail the distance that day, well, who is really going to notice?

The key to being successful as an entrepreneur is that your vision must be strong enough to pull you forward.  Your Deeper Why must be so strong that you’ll make those calls, go to the networking events, follow up, and send the email.

Because your vision insists that you bring it into being.