[FUEL] What the No’s are really telling you

By Dawn Shuler
What are the nos telling you

If you’re doing your job as a business owner, then you’re constantly prospecting. You meet people at networking events; you follow up. People sign up for Discovery Sessions through your website; you hold those Discovery Sessions. You meet people for face-to-face meetings; you follow up. You make phone calls. You send personal emails. You create an online marketing campaign.

And sometimes you get No’s.

I won’t kid you. No’s suck. They can make you feel like you don’t know what you’re doing, that you’re not good enough, that you’re not worthy.

You might even start rethinking your entire business model and life as an entrepreneur.

I invite you to think about any No’s you’re getting a bit differently.

No’s can be a gift. Actually, I’ll state that differently: They ARE a gift, and here’s why.

  • No’s help you get clarity around your ideal client. If you really look at your conversation with this person, is she really ideal for you? More than likely not. I bet if you objectively look at the conversation, you’ll find red flags. Document those and use them to get clearer on who you do NOT want to work with, and who you do.
  • No’s help you figure out where your ideal client hangs out. If you keep talking to a slew of non-ideal clients, maybe you’re hanging out in those same places. So, put on your thinking cap… where might your ideal clients be found? Streeeeeeeetch and find new places to network.
  • No’s help you clarify the benefits you offer. Is it possible that your benefits aren’t clear enough or strong enough? Is it difficult for prospects to see how they can benefit from your products and services? Do you need to amp up your selling skills? Do you need to make a better connection between what they so desperately need and what you skillfully offer?
  • No’s help you make your product or service timely. Does your product or service meet her needs NOW? And where is this need on a 1-10 scale? If it’s a 2, of course she’s going to say no. If her need is a 7-10, then she needs you. And what do you need to do to make it clear that you can solve this intense pain or problem… NOW?

So, be kind to yourself. Be gentle with yourself. Love yourself. Follow up and be the amazing business owner you are. Have those conversations and then objectively analyze them. What have you learned? What can you tweak? What changes do you need to make?

Then, embrace the No’s, make changes, and find the Yes’s.

I believe in you!