[FUEL] The Year of Floaty Downstream Action

By Dawn Shuler

A few months ago, I had a business breakdown. I felt like I had been pushing, pushing, pushing. My inner well was depleted. A couple of weeks before that, I uncharacteristically cancelled a coaching client and essentially took the day off. The next two weekends, I was going to do some administrative work and bookkeeping to get caught up, and I just couldn’t bring myself to do it.

Then, during a a supposed “work” day, I just couldn’t bring myself to do anything. I stared and stared at my computer, and nothing was happening.

So, I took myself to my favorite red chair in the living room, lit candles, opened the windows, no music on, and I just listened to the wind chimes gently blow on the front porch.

I wasn’t unhappy, just unmotivated. 🙂 Well, that’s not entirely true. It was more than just being unmotivated. It was about having pushed so hard all summer to enroll people into programs with limited results: two people in the Content Creation Bootcamp, one person in From Concept to Completion, and two people interested in my creative workshops.

It was a lot of work for not as much results as I wanted. (And I need to remember and acknowledge that I DID get people to enroll, and people ARE interested.)

I think part of the business breakdown was that I had had such a clear direction: these revenue goals from these sources, offer these programs x times a year, have this product/program funnel, have a marketing machine already in place… If I take these programs out of my funnel, then what?

First, it’s okay to not know the full path and direction. I can not know, and that’s okay.

Secondly, what if my product/service offering primarily consisted of corporate work, private coaching, VIP Days, and retreats? No programs, no teleclasses, no webinar series. Just two retreats a year and coaching. And then, fill in with The Shuler Group corporate work as my skills are needed.

The pushing feels like swimming upstream. I do not want to push so hard. I want to float downstream. I want it to be easy. I want clients and work to flow to me.

I want to feel self-confident, empowered, and at peace. And that may mean that I need to change the roadmap.

And that’s what I did in the last quarter of the year. I removed certain programs and service offerings from my marketing plan and product funnel. I hired someone to facilitate the bi-annual 15-Minutes-A-Day Writing Challenge. I said no to all sorts of events, requests, situations, and even opportunities.

I’m letting go of relationships, things, services, and products that no longer serve me. I’m sloughing off what is not Dawn to reveal the core Dawn beneath.

Basically, if it doesn’t feel like floaty downstream action, then it’s not me or for me.

This is how I start my day and go through my day…. where does my energy want to go? What feels like floaty downstream action? What feels like madly paddling upstream? I’m getting better at checking in and following my intution.

We’ll see what kind of year this turns out to be.