[FUEL] The Truth About “Being ready”

By Dawn Shuler

Youll never be truly ready

If you’re a business owner, more than likely you want something more: more clients, more revenue, more free time, more speaking events, more expansion, more products. As a business coach, I have a lot of conversations with other business owners about where they are in their business and their goals.

During those conversations and follow-up, people tend to be in two different camps: 1) those who are ready to move forward and take action, and 2) those who “aren’t ready.”

“Give me a couple of weeks to figure things out.”

“I need to get clearer.”

“Let me get ready, and I’ll get back to you.”

What does “ready” really mean?

Most people who say they aren’t ready either mean they don’t have the money (but that’s almost always a reason that covers up something deeper) or that they aren’t clear enough. They think that once they get clearer, more organized, more focused, THEN they can be ready to grow and move forward.

But there will never be that clarity or focus from standing still. There must be forward motion.

Imagine wanting to drive from Maryland to Maine. You can envision the trip. You can pack. You can “get ready.” But it’s not until you actually get on the road and start moving that the journey unfolds and becomes clear.

You can be ready for that trip all you want, but the trip won’t happen until you start moving.

The most successful business owners I see are those who take action – they’re ready from the inside. The people in camp 2 are looking to be ready from the outside.

And that external readiness never comes, because the internal piece isn’t there.

So what does “ready on the inside” look like?

It looks like a deep knowing that there’s a gap between where you are now and where you want to be, and that the only way to close that gap is to take action. More than likely, that action is a new, different action. Because doing what you’ve always done will get you the results you’ve always gotten. For different results, you have to stretch.

It’s also taking action in faith. Of course you would love to see the path ahead clearly, knowing all the twists, turns, and potential roadblocks that might delay you, as well as a road of green “go” lights ahead of you.

Once you’re ready on the inside, the external readiness doesn’t seem to matter. I remember a mentor of mine saying that if you could afford the investment in a development or training program, you wouldn’t need it.

That moving, taking a step, reaching for your goals, almost always requires a stretch. ‘Cuz the reality is that you would already have what you’ve set goals for if you could do it standing still.

To get what you want, you have to take a step out of your comfort zone and into the unknown.

THAT is what people really aren’t ready for, although they don’t necessarily know to name it that. They’re not ready to move into the unknown. Even if the present circumstance isn’t what they want, it’s known.

Making that step, taking that action, in essence covering your eyes, gulping your next breath of air, is what being ready is all about.

Are you ready?