[FUEL] The Spirituality in Creativity

By Dawn Shuler

There is a spirituality in creativity

Earlier this week I was at one of my favorite networking events where I highlighted my upcoming Create Your Own Power Words Oracle Deck workshop with my own decks of cards as examples. One woman exclaimed, “Oh, but I have no artistic skills!”

I assured her that no artistic skills (in the traditional sense) were required. Another woman commented that while I was claiming not to have been “artistic,” I had been creative. And that’s a big piece of this particular workshop – to allow women to be creative, and to play – with paints, stencils, markers, stamps, and more.

This “being creative” piece is of uber importance. We need to let that side out in us. We also may need to redefine what being creative is. It’s not just being able to paint or sketch or draw, although it could be. It could be anything from knowing the perfect gift for someone to arranging flowers in a vase just so to putting an amazing meal together that is both beautiful and delicious. It could be designing an action plan from chaos. It could be choosing the perfect color of a rug that ties the room together.

You are creative. You really are.

And that creativity comes out in so many ways, as just those few above examples show.

Your creativity has even more impact when you’re in sync with your purpose… and then whatever you create will be spiritual, because, simply, you’ve infused yourself – your soul – into what you’ve created.

Kojo on perch Aug 2015 adjWhen Mark built a cat tree for Kojo, he paid attention to what Kojo loved to do: scratch on the woven dining room chairs and to perch high to watch us from a strategic place. So, Mark incorporated jute twine (that mimicked the weave on the dining room chairs) all around the structure, and he built it high so that Kojo could see three rooms (the ones we are in the most). He built this for Kojo with love in his heart for our Kojo Kitty. Mark’s purpose was to create something that was for Kojo and WAS Kojo. And, yes, Kojo adores it.

Last Christmas, I decided to make fleece blankets for family members, easy and fairly inexpensive projects. Well, what I didn’t realize was how much I would love creating these blankets. I bought fabric to match the interests and lifestyle of each person. I thought about that person as I measured, cut, and tied the strips. I almost always watched a movie or TV show I loved as I did the methodical tying of the blanket edge. I was actually sad when I had completed all the blankets; I went back to JoAnn’s and bought more fabric, simply because I loved the process.

I even thought about making more for those who requested them, but this time including a note about what beloved movie I watched while I did the final tying… connecting my creating – me – as well as to the final recipient.

When you create from your soul, whatever that creation might be, you are connecting to the deeper, higher part of yourself, and you are then connecting that resulting creation to the person who receives it on the other end.

You’ve given a part of yourself to this creation, and, ultimately, to the end user.

Think about that next time you have to do anything (because, in reality, EVERYTHING we do is a form of creation): craft a marketing campaign, write an email response, enter into a negotiation, paint a landscape, sketch a portrait, teach a class… I could go on and on with thousands of examples.

Go inward and connect with your deeper part of yourself, and then create the outward thing.