[FUEL] The Magic of Consistency and the Myth of Overnight Successes

By Dawn Shuler

There is magic in taking consistent action

I don’t know if any other business coaches promise amazing results in no time flat, but the reality is that building and growing a business takes time. And action. Consistent action. It doesn’t happen overnight.

“I was an overnight success all right, but 30 years is a long, long night.”
~ Ray Kroc

“There are no quick wins in business – it takes years to become an overnight success.”
~ Richard Branson

“Most people were startled to find out there were books that preceded Game Of Thrones. I’m a case of working forty years to be an overnight success.”
~ George R. R. Martin

What I’ve found since I started my newest reinvention is that everything I put in place at the beginning of this year is now blooming and taking off big time. That’s after five months of a clarified message, brand, and plan, and fourteen-plus years running a business in general.

It’s tough… the waiting. You build it, and they don’t come right away.

You want to give up, but you don’t.

You work the plan, and you keep working the plan.

Little bits here and there, but still not what you envisioned, dreamed, and planned.

You want to give up, but you don’t.

You continue to take action. You tweak the plan, not out of fear, but from your CEO Highest Self.

More people sign up, you get more customers, and you see glimmers of light at the end of the tunnel.

You up your game. You recommit to taking consistent action.

And then all of the sudden, you realize that what you’ve been doing all along is paying off. Seeds have bloomed, ships are coming in, and you’re getting the results you wrote on your goal cards all those many moons ago.

Here are 7 conscious, consistent actions for you to take and to keep taking (hence, the “consistent” piece):

  1. Send out your newsletter regularly. No excuses. At least twice a month, but once a week is ideal.
  2. Post on your social media outlet of choice regularly. Create a system and stick to it.
  3. Create a marketing plan for at least 6 months at a time (12 months is better). See how things fit together and how one product or program might flow into another.
  4. Design a marketing campaign for each product or program launch.
  5. Send out that “Last chance to register” or “Early bird special ends tonight” on the last day. Really. Yes, you may be tired of marketing, or (probably truer) is that you’re afraid your people are tired of hearing from you. The honest-to-goodness reality is that people buy at the last minute. Don’t get lazy or afraid; send out that final email or update.
  6. Go to networking events and FOLLOW UP AFTERWARD. It makes no sense to network if you’re not going to have some sort of follow-up system or plan.
  7. Regularly create content that is in alignment with your message and your brand. Don’t wait until you’re “in the mood” or “inspired” or “more creative.” Get over yourself (and your excuses) and just do it.

The idea is that you create the plan and you work the plan. Stick to your schedule. If your plan includes posting on social media once a day, then do it. Every day. If you have planned a five-email marketing campaign, write and send out all five emails.

Running a business is not a fly-by-night, wham-bam-thank-you-ma’am endeavor. It’s taking action every day. It’s showing up and stepping up.

Now, I’m not advocating working your knuckles to the bone. Oh, heck no. You need time to play, rest, rejuvenate. You need a life outside the business. But if you own a business, act like a CEO. Create the strategy and then work the strategy. Consciously and consistently. And you’ll find the pay-off at the proverbial end (which is not an end, but rather a milestone).