[FUEL] Let’s get real… These are the 3 things you need to be doing

By Dawn Shuler

Work with clients Get more clients Run your business

While I can talk about the 55+ systems you could implement into your business, in reality, everything boils down to these three things: you need to do work with your clients, you need to get more clients, and you need to make sure the business runs.

Boom. Done. End of story.

Easy, right?

Well, yes and no.

You can do the work. Heck, that’s why you got into this work in the first place. You want to serve. All you want to do is have your schedule filled with ideal clients whom you can provide your service, and possibly even transformation. You could do that all day, every day. Bring it on, right?!

That’s part one.

Part two is getting MORE of those ideal clients. This is where your systems come in. How do you get more of these awesome, ideal clients?

  • Build relationships. You need to meet people and create relationships, above and beyond the hope for a sale.
  • Network. This is a fabulous way to build those relationships. Figure out where your ideal clients hang out and go there. Talk with them. Meet with them. Figure out what drives them and what their challenges are. Connect. All without ANY attachment to whether they become clients or not.
  • Follow up. Email is one way, sure, but it’s not always the best way. Think about it: how much email do YOU get? And how many times do you go, “I’ll respond later when I have more time”? And then days and days and days go by, and you still haven’t responded? That’s what’s happening when you send emails to others. So, pick up the phone and call. Yes, the old-fashioned telephone (or cell phone, not quite as old-fashioned).
  • Track. How is this system working for you? How many touches, phone calls, emails does it take to convert a prospect into a client? For me, it’s 35 (in total). So, I know I need to touch 35 people in some way in order to convert to a paying client. What’s your number?

Part three is making sure your business runs. Because without a business, you aren’t going to be able to do the work. I will be honest… this piece can be much more extensive than the other two. I’ll be short and sweet here, whereas I could go way in depth. Here’s what you need to run a solid business:

  • Marketing. What is your plan for getting more clients? Sure, there’s networking and follow-up, and are you networking online? Do you do content marketing? Are you consistent?
  • Finances. What are you spending? What are you bringing in? What are your money goals?
  • Working on the business. All this is lovely, but if you’re not looking at the big picture, then you’re not really running a business. What are your long-term goals? How are you growing? How are you planning for expansion?
  • Administrative. Boy, is this another big one… This covers outsourcing and having a team. Expansion. Duplicating yourself. Operating in your Zone of Genius and happily delegating all the other zones to other, more qualified people.

I know I’ve asked a lot of questions of you. It’s a lot to consider and do, that whole running a business. And it’s what separates the glorified service providers from true business owners, what I call CEOs of their business.

What are you? And what do you want to be? Do you just want to offer your service and not run a business? No problem. Do that and go find a company who will pay you what you’re worth to do your amazing work.

Or do you want to run an actual business and expand beyond just the service you can provide? Congratulations, you’re a CEO. Now, act like one.