[FUEL] Dream a Little Dream

By Dawn Shuler

Getting to your dream starts with one step

For some people, January can feel like this super productive, let’s get things done time of year. There are all these resolutions and goals and new year energy.

Boom. Boom. Boom.

Well, I like to do things differently (no surprise there).

I slow down and go inward to see what wants to be created.

Sure, I do the whole smart business planning thing, but all that smart business planning needs to be driven by something deeper.

What do I want to bring into the world this year?

What am I being called to do?

Is the direction I’m going in the right one for me?

How can I use my gifts and genius to an even greater level – and help even more people?

So, while, yes, I did set goals for 2016, those goals were based on the deeper, more introspective work I did.

I suggest you take some time to go inward yourself. Action plans are great (and very smart business), but that action needs to come from deep inside.

What are your dreams? How can those dreams manifest into the world?

For example, a colleague of mine wants to become a highly sought-after, well-paid speaker making $25,000 per speaking engagement. That’s her dream – to be a paid speaker. The dream manifesting into reality – that’s the $25,000 per gig.

Here is my recipe for some Deep Soulful Dreaming:

  • What does your heart really want? You don’t have to tell anyone, but at least whisper it to yourself. Do you want to write and publish a book? Do you want to be a well-paid speaker? Do you want to travel to exotic locations and hold high-end retreats?
  • Now, take your dream and detail what that looks like. If you want to write and publish a book, well, what kind of book? How many books? Is it a series? Do you want to be on the New York Times bestseller list? If you want to be a well-paid speaker, what does “well-paid” mean to you? How often do you want to speak? Do you want to travel? How far are you willing to travel?
  • Your third step is to play… put your dream, description, and details in some visual form that you can easily access every day. Make a vision board (I’ve always called mine Soul Maps), goal cards, or a mind movie. And look at these EVERY DAY. Keep your dream alive in your heart AND in your mind.
  • Here’s the fun part… what is ONE, VERY SMALL action you can take toward that dream? Can you write for 15 minutes today? Can you come up with three speaking topics that jazz you and make you want to jump up and scream, “I so want to tell you about this!!! It’s awesome!”? Can you send an email to your local Rotary Club or Lions Club asking them if they’re looking for speakers? (And hint about speaking… civic clubs like Rotary and Lions are almost always looking for speakers!)
  • Next, put on your calendar a time to take ONE MORE VERY SMALL ACTION. Maybe that’s tomorrow or next week or next month. Keep that momentum and energy about your dream going.

Getting to your dream starts with one step. Take that step today.