[FUEL] 7 Ways to Market from the Light (and Leave the Dark Side Behind)

By Dawn Shuler

Do your business and marketing actions come from a place of light or dark

I’ve noticed over the years that there is a strong marketing propensity to inspire fear in others. It goes something like this:

You are struggling. You are challenged by your situation. And if you don’t fix it, you will continue to struggle and wither. You are in darkness.

Let me show you this pinpoint of light in your dark cave. I am the light, and only I can lead you successfully out of the dark.

As a coach and as a business owner who consistently markets her business (just like you do), I have a hard time with this avenue. I actually don’t want to work with someone who is so mired in struggle and challenge that she’s desperate for any relief and will grab onto anything that might give that relief.

I understand it’s an easy way to market. Marketers even call statements meant to draw in prospects “pain points.” And the reality is that people are more likely to fix their pain first than to go after their dreams. While I myself may use the term “pain points” to talk about the questions (others call them pull questions or headlines in marketing copy), it’s to focus on the pain and the problem – what’s getting the prospect to take action. Not as a way to make her feel even worse and in darkness.

Sure, there may be some challenges to overcome (hey, don’t we all have them?), but hopefully not from a sinking, oppressive place.

But when you are in the presence of someone who markets from the dark and fear, like at a live event where you’re immersed for hours, you can start to question yourself: “Wow. Are things really that bad? What if I can’t make it better? I don’t want to be in this place…. let me sign up now!”

I believe that you, like me, want to serve the world and change it in your own way. Don’t you really just want to bring everyone more into the light, whatever that might mean to you?

You don’t have to persuade someone that she’s in darkness and in fear in order to bring her more into the light.

Here are 7 ways where you can operate from the Light and refuse the Dark.

1. What is the experience you want for your clients and customers? When they work with you or they buy your product, what’s that deeper experience? I’m betting it’s something like wanting them to thrive, to be happier, to be more confident. Infuse your marketing with the experience you want for your clients and customers.

2. Think of your prospects as empowered, as opposed to powerless. I would go so far as to say that people and companies who market from a place of fear and the dark want their prospects to achieve empowerment. But the road to get there should be in alignment with that end result.

3. Lower your prospect’s anxiety; don’t raise it. It’s a fine line, I admit, especially when you’re highlighting the problem you’re solving. But you don’t have to go, “Fear, fear, fear!” in order to get them to buy. Lower their anxiety by showing them there is hope and a way forward.

4. Come from a place of abundance, not lack. I suspect that those who market using fear tactics are mirroring their own inner fears. If you think of yourself as abundant and prosperous, and you think of others also as abundant and prosperous, I bet that changes your approach and how you talk to them in your marketing.

5. To continue from #4, believe in the highest and best in people – and act from that place. Market to your prospects’ higher selves. Believe the best in them, and you’re more likely to get their best.

6. What is the CEO decision? It can be easy to make decisions and take actions from whatever place we’re in, and as much as we want to be in the Light, life can throw us a curve ball every now and then. Don’t be tempted to offer some ridiculously low price or short deadline for someone to sign up or buy because “you really need the money now.” Ask yourself, “As the CEO of my business and of my life, what decision would the CEO make?”

7. Remember your personal soul purpose, your Deeper Why. More than likely, it is to serve. So start there… with your soul purpose and the Deeper Why. Now, write your marketing copy.

Just be yourself and take action from that deeper, more soulful place.

Come from a place of light.