Floaty Action Defined

By Dawn Shuler


When you’ve been in business for over 14 years, you do a lot of things.  🙂  You try this; you try that; you try this other thing.

I’ve had some amazing ideas over the years, and some of them have actually blossomed into real world products, services, and programs. Yay me.

But not all of them were successful.  No matter how brilliant of an idea or how much I KNEW people needed this thing I had to offer, that doesn’t mean that the market was ready to buy.

(That’s why I have so many smart business tips… because I’ve learned a crap-ton along the way!)

I’m all about action, and I have no problem pushing that damn boulder up the mountain.  I really do think I can do ANYTHING. I’m a woman and a mother; therefore, I must be Wonder Woman.  😉

But there have been times that I’ve been freaking tired of pushing that boulder up the hill.  It felt hard. And, yes, while I could have forced something to happen, in the end, I just got weary.

What I’ve decided I want, and what I’m going to try doggone hard to embrace, is floaty action.

Say you’re in a boat on a river.  It’s a heck of a lot easier to float downstream than paddle madly upstream.  You MIGHT get somewhere, but it’s going to take a ton of effort, and you’re going to be one tired puppy.

Better is to float downstream.

But you don’t just float wilhe-nilhe down the river, aimless.  You sorta have to pay attention.  Say the river diverges up ahead.  You have a choice.  You gently steer the boat to go right or left.  You don’t paddle madly.  You do let the river guide you, AND you’re still the captain of your ship, er, boat.

THAT is floaty action… not forcing something to happen but still intentionally choosing easy action.

What does floaty action look like to you?