October 30, 2016 @ 5:00 pm – November 2, 2016 @ 11:00 am America/New York Timezone

2+ transformational days where we’ll deep dive into your business; delve into what you really, deeply desire to create in your business; uncover and dissolve what’s holding you back; and begin to design a business (no matter how old) you truly, madly, deeply love.

Deep work, creative exercises, loving coaching, masterminding, group support to help you fall in love with your business again.

DATES: Sunday, October 30 – Wednesday, November 2, 2016
LOCATION: Taneytown, Maryland (only 60-90 minutes at most from the three major area airports)

Join me and other entrepreneurs (coaches, consultants, healers, marketers, association owners, writers, physical therapists, entrepreneurs, and other small business owners) on October 30-November 2 as we “escape” from the daily lives of our businesses, roll up our sleeves, and go deep to reclaim that love of our businesses.

What you get:

  • A true retreat experience – this isn’t a high-pressure, packed-to-the-gills, no-chance-to-breathe two-plus days. Instead, you get coaching, exercises to go deep, and space to integrate your work.
  • The support and guidance of a seasoned business coach and strategist (that’s me!) through 1:1 on time during the retreat.
  • Love seat coaching to get you past any roadblocks.
  • Creative yet powerful exercises to open up your soul and tap into your deeper purpose.
  • Group support and feedback – so that you aren’t feeling alone in a vacuum or isolation.
  • Lodging Sunday, Monday, and Tuesday nights (yes, lodging is included in the registration fee!). And these aren’t just regular ol’ hotel rooms. These rooms are designed to nurture you and help hold the sacred space we’re creating around you and your business.
  • Breakfast, lunch, dinner, and happy snacks to keep you energized and motivated throughout the retreat.
  • Special goodies to celebrate your commitment to your business and to you.
  • Wine and cheese reception at the end of the retreat to celebrate all you’ve accomplished.
  • A fabulous, sacred, intimate environment to make transformation, deep work, and shifts take place and take hold.

This is going to be an amazing experience, and I truly mean that it will be an experience. It’s not just a live event where you get tons of content, no time to digest it, and then some upsell into a yearlong program. This retreat is a self-contained event in and of itself. Its purpose is not to be part of some sales funnel. (I have no problem with sales funnels; they’re smart. That’s just not what this retreat is.)

Take a look at the information page (especially the pictures of our beautiful location), and see if this experience resonates with what you and your business deeply want.

Love your business deeply – come to the retreat…