[FUEL] Creating Sacred Space – Both Inside and Out

By Dawn Shuler

meditateMuch of what I do for my clients is to create sacred space. When I’m leading a workshop, I create sacred space for my clients and students to do their own creating. When I coach, the coaching session is a sacred space where my clients feel safe to share, to stretch, to take risks, and to uncover blocks to their creativity, and business growth.

Sacred space is one of my core values, along with connection and authenticity. I not only create sacred space for others, but it’s crucial for me to have to do all that I do.

And I suspect it’s important to you, too.

Sacred space doesn’t just occur in one’s physical environment, but also mentally. My outward sacred space helps to create the internal sacred space I need as well.

Here is how I create sacred space… both externally and internally.

  • Figure out what your rituals are… and do them. I have tea with my honey every morning; it’s non-negotiable. I also put myself to sleep every night thinking of the best thing of the day, reveling in that feeling, thanking the Universe for that day, and visualizing my dreams.
  • Light candles more. I have a variety of sconces, candle holders, candelabras. When I take the time to go around and light everything, just that action can create its own energy and calm my mind.
  • Set the timer for 10 minutes and declutter. My husband Mark, who is not the neat bug I am, has actually embraced this, and he looks forward to it. That way, it’s not an overwhelming “I have to spend 3 hours cleaning!” You just declutter for a few minutes.
  • If there’s a crazy thing you do that makes you happy and light, then do it. For me, that’s making the bed and having clean kitchen floors. The house can have an inch of dust, but as long as the bed is made and the kitchen floors are clean, I feel lighter.
  • Use the pretty dishes or teapot. There’s no sense in waiting for special occasions. YOU are a special occasion, and so is creating sacred space.
  • Get out and walk. Actually leave your environment. I usually resort to this when I’m feeling a bit overwhelmed and full, but I’m trying to work on doing it more as a regular practice. I’m betting it will pay off mentally (as well as physically, of course!)
  • Throw away the raggedy towels. Buy new pretty ones. Maybe a towel a month so as not to go hog wild. The idea is to do what you need to do to make your environment support you, not drag you down.
  • Buy a beautiful journal. This is so not a problem for me. 🙂
  • Buy an awesome pen. I buy them by the box – in purple, of course.
  • Sit and just be. I like to sit in my favorite red chair and open up my chest. However, I have to admit that I can only do this if my physical environment is in somewhat fair order. That doesn’t mean spotless; it means that my daughter’s 7 binders filled with piano music aren’t stacked up to the ceiling as that will capture my focus. Instead, I want to be able to float peacefully.
  • Put things in your work environment that make you happy: oracle cards, lavender essential oil, a bowl of amethyst stones, a Zen garden set, a vase of flowers. Make your environment beautiful.
  • Remove from your life and business anything and anyone that doesn’t give you aliveness. This could be a harder one, but the less energy-sucking things and people you have in your life, the more energy you’ll have for you.
  • Be intentional. Yes, you work in your business and have daily, maybe even routine tasks. Even for the routine tasks, immerse yourself into the why of why you’re doing them (so you’re in alignment with the purpose of doing them), and do them with your full attention. Same with your personal life; be in the moment.

I’d love to hear how you create sacred space, whether it’s in your physical or mental environment, or for business or personal. Let me know over on Facebook!