Come to the light – OUT. You are already in the light – IN.

By Dawn Shuler

Do your business and marketing actions come from a place of light or dark

I’ve noticed over the years that there is a strong marketing propensity to inspire fear in others.  It goes something like this:

You are struggling.  You are challenged by your situation.  And if you don’t fix it, you will continue to struggle and wither.  You are in darkness.

Let me show you this pinpoint of light in your dark cave.  I am the light, and only I can lead you successfully out of the dark.

As a coach and as a business owner who markets her business, I have a hard time with this avenue.  I actually don’t want to work with someone who is so mired in struggle and challenge that she’s desperate for any relief and will grab onto anything that might give that relief.

My clients are already in the light.  Sure, there may be some challenges to overcome (hey, don’t we all have them?), but it’s not this sinking, oppressive place.

I understand it’s an easy way to market.  Marketers even call statements meant to draw in prospects “pain points.”  And the reality is that people are more likely to fix their pain first than to go after their dreams.  While I myself may use the term “pain points” to talk about the questions (others call them pull questions or headlines in marketing copy), it’s to focus on the pain – what’s getting them to move. Not as a way to make the prospect feel even worse and in darkness.

Isn’t what we all want is to serve the world and change it in our own way? Don’t we really just want to bring everyone more into the light, whatever that might mean to us?

You don’t have to persuade someone that she’s in darkness and in fear in order to bring her more into the light.

Just be yourself and take action from that deeper, more soulful place.

Come from a place of light.