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I’m really excited about working with you!

What can you do with me as your Soulful Business Coach?

Help you understand how you process the world – and then how to use that information to help you more easily and successfully run your business.

Find your Zone of Genius – you are going to do your best work if you’re working in your Zone of Genius… and nowhere else!

See amazing possibilities in your experiences, skills, work, and content you’ve already written, and how to bring those possibilities to life… and to weave your uniqueness into your business.

Set goals. Whether it’s an end goal or intermediate milestones, I work with you to create manageable, reasonable goals for your business.

Strategize a marketing plan that positions you as an expert AND that works for you.  No more wilhe-nilhe skittering from this to that.  Enter systems and processes that help you meet your goals.

Set foundational as well as promotional content goals.  What is your regular, keep-in-touch communication? What about new products, programs, and services? We’ll come up with those content goals as well as the plan to make it actually happen!

Craft Smart Action Plans with small, easily attainable steps to make any goal come true!

Be held accountable. How many times have you set out to do something in your business and don’t do it? I’m there as a supportive coach who lovingly pushes you to the goals you’ve set.

Manifest your inner, authentic self into your daily life – through systems that work for you. What is your bigger purpose in the world? What do you want to be known for? Is it to get a message across? It’s my soul purpose to do just that, for myself and for you.