Customized Communication, Customer Service, and Personal Development Programs for Corporations and Organizations


While companies and organizations come in all sizes, they’re all made up of individuals.  When those individuals are well-skilled, well-balanced, confident, happy, and feel as if they are important to the company, they will serve their company much better.

The Shuler Group provides business and personal development coaching, training, and workshops for individuals and organizations. We customize each program to the needs and wants of the organization, offering half-day series, full-day trainings, and one-on-one coaching and consulting.

Value to the Organization and Individuals

  • Communicating well increases employee confidence
  • With less time needed for editing and revision, staff productivity increases
  • Managers’ time and productivity increases with the decreased need for overseeing employees’ day-to-day activities
  • Team work, meetings, and individual work flow is more efficient
  • Employees hone skills that will serve them beyond their professional career
  • Improved communication and relationships with customers, clients, and prospects
  • Happier, well-balanced people are more productive, invested, and inspired employees

What’s Possible

For corporations and larger organizations, we offer custom-designed writing, communication, and marketing programs as well as customer service programs to improve communication in all areas of a company’s needs, internally and externally. We also provide personal development programs and training to help individuals balance their work and personal lives.

We’ve custom-designed programs for CPA firms, event coordinator departments, admissions staff departments, small retail businesses, and individuals.  In many cases, there was a need to improve writing skills, sometimes basic writing skills.  In addition, firm owners and department heads understood that if their staff could more quickly and easily produce written materials, respond to colleagues and clients, and, in general, feel more confident about their professional skills, that productivity and efficiency would increase, employee self-confidence would improve, and customers, clients, and prospects would be better served.

Many of our clients and companies we work with truly want to make the world a better place, through the products and services they offer, as well as caring for their employees and staff.

We help them do that.

Our programs meet the following needs:

  • Improve basic writing skills, specific to the writing challenges observed in staff’s writing
  • Develop intermediate writing skills
  • Enhance email communication
  • Upgrade customer service responses
  • Facilitate staff projects
  • Content marketing planning, including common content areas like blogging, article writing, and social media
  • Creating content that adheres to the company’s philosophy, mission, and brand
  • Develop or refine existing processes and procedures
  • Promote employee mental health and life balance

Specific Training Topics

While each program is tailored to the company, its employees, and its particular needs and challenges, some of our popular trainings include:

  • Writing Essentials for the Workplace
  • Effective Communication in Email, Meetings, and Phone
  • Customer Service from the Soul
  • Social Media Marketing for the Big Guys and Gals
  • Top 10 Writing Challenges and How to Catch Them
  • Content Marketing for Corporations
  • Amp Your Marketing
  • 7 Keys to Creating Powerful Content
  • The Removal and Replacement System
  • The Relationship Inventory

These interactive, customized programs can be offered on site or virtually via webinar training.

Our corporate clients bring us back again and again because of the results we produce, the relationships we create with staff, and our easy-to-digest teaching style.

If you’re interested in learning more and setting up a complimentary consultation for us to discuss the needs of your organization, please be in touch.

We look forward to serving you and your organization.

About the principals of The Shuler Group

DSC_2535 adj CropDawn Shuler has been working with business and the writing process all her life, from teaching English to working with companies to improve their communications and marketing. As a business coach and consultant since 2005, she helps her clients solidify their brand and message, create effective systems and processes, strategize marketing launches and campaigns, and ensure an appropriate, consistent communication and customer service throughout the organization. She has over 1,000 hours of coaching individuals, department staffs, and small business teams.


Mark Shuler has a master’s in clinical psychology, and he had a private therapy practice for over twenty years, with over 8,000 hours providing therapy. Mark offers workshops and programs to help people remove the leaks and blocks that drain their energy and then replace them with a positive lifestyle.