Do you have a strong foundation under your business?

Is your business running smoothly where you delegate smartly, work in your Zone of Genius, enjoy a profitable business, and have time for self-care?

Do you have a marketing and strategy plan for the next 9-12 months?



Did you answer “No” to some or all of those questions?

Needing support and accountability doesn’t mean you’re weak or lack discipline and intelligence. We all get in our own way when it comes to getting our big, dream-sized goals out there.


Most of the time you get in your own way because you’re too deep inside your own business to see the clear path ahead of you.


As a Soulful Business Coach with a focus on strategy, systems, and content marketing, I can help you see the big picture, create a Smart Business Action Plan, hold you accountable, give you feedback, and help you incorporate all you want to create into your business.

We rarely can do all that for ourselves.  I myself have consistently worked with coaches over the years to uplevel my business and systems and get the heck out of my own way!  I regularly use my business coaches and mentors to review my own strategy and marketing as well as identify what’s getting in my way… because I’m just too close to my own business.

I don’t want you to struggle with your business, your projects, and your goals, especially those dear to your heart and your business expansion. Whatever your need – incorporating systems and processes, content creation, branding or rebranding, updated or new website copy, marketing campaign, program/product development – it’s in your plan for a reason.

Because you know it’s going to help your sales, create visibility, enhance your credibility and expertise, or fulfill a long-term dream.


Don’t let yourself get in your own way any longer. I can help you create the roadmap of what you want to accomplish and the Smart Business Action Plan to get you there.


I’ve been coaching, teaching, and training for over 20 years, and I’ve worked with entrepreneurs with their business foundation, creating content, writing, and marketing:

  • Product/program design, creation, marketing, and launch
  • Marketing campaigns
  • Editorial calendar with foundational and promotional content
  • Curriculum development
  • Systems, processes, and checklists
  • Organizational charts and position descriptions
  • Content marketing system
  • Social media strategy
  • Teleclass and webinar series creation and promotion
  • Website copy
  • Free gift design and authentic follow-up system
  • Book writing and editing
  • Workshop, VIP Day, and program curriculum design
  • Speaking topics
  • Speaker one-sheet
  • And much more


What makes me different?


ticky tacky houses rotated

You’re not a one-size-fits-all kinda gal

Well, first of all, I believe in the uniqueness of you.  Secondly, I want to work with you one-on-one, not try to enroll you in some big group program with a pre-recorded training series at its core and very little coaching and mentoring.  You’re not a ticky-tacky house (look up the term on Wikipedia or the song “Little Boxes”; you’ll be amused) or a one-size-fits-all business with maybe one or two options.  You are unique, amazing, different, and you bring all that to your business.  So, when you and I work together, I listen to you, help you set goals, implement systems that work for you, and champion you and your business with loving, intuitive, and practical support.

And there’s no cookie cutter or ticky-tacky house that fits you and everyone else.

As a result, I’ve created specific programs and packages to meet your business strategy, marketing, and  content creation needs in very specific, customizable, unique, and finite (meaning there’s a beginning and an end) way. These are a few of the options I have available. (And if you want a quick hit, check out my Smart Business Strategy Consultation.)



Soulful Business Starter Coaching Package


Committed Soulful Business Coaching Package


Soulful Business VIP Day



Ready to get started?

If you’re intrigued AND you know you can’t do it alone any more, then let’s have a conversation about your needs and whether I can help you. We’ll both determine if we’re a fit for each other.

So, let’s have that no-obligation, complimentary, no hard-sell (because I only want what’s best for you, and that might mean NOT working together) conversation. Click on the BOOK NOW button for a Discovery Session below, and you can immediately schedule our complimentary 30-minute consultation to see what your business needs to grow and be strong!