Congratulations! You are on your way to bringing sacred systems into your business!


I’ve put together an introductory, yet robust, guide to the systems you need in your business to make it operate smoothly, work for you, help you delegate and outsource, and run smartly.

Here’s what you get in the Business Tree of Life poster and accompanying Sacred Systems Guide:

  • Beautiful poster of the Business Tree of Life that you can print out and hang in your office to keep you motivated and inspired to run a smart business from your soul
  • Why systems are so important to a successful business
  • The 16 areas in which you need systems
  • Examples of systems for each of the 16 areas – more than 50!

It’s a pretty potent guide… learn just why systems in your business are so important – especially if you want a business that serves the world, feeds your passion, and nurtures your soul.

Even if your business is humming along like a charm, and you have systems in your business, I’m betting that you’ll find some nuggets of information in here that you can apply to your business right away.

Step 1

Go ahead and print out the Business Tree of Life poster right now and find a special place in your office to hang it – to remind you that your business is a sacred source of connection… connection to you as well as connection to the outside world.

Step 2

Then, take a look at the Sacred Systems Guide.  Go ahead and print that out, too, read through it.  Circle or highlight the systems you’re drawn to adding to your business or that you know you need.  Take one step – just one! – to implement that system into your business.

Nurture your business, and it will nurture you right back.

Step 3

So, let’s get started. Click on the images below to download your goodies… right-click or Save-As to your computer and watch your business flourish and your soul sing.



Business Tree of Life Poster
print out in full color for maximum effect!


Sacred Systems Guide
Think of this as your personal mentor to growing a smart, successful business.


As a bonus, you also get the weekly Fuel For Your Business Journey newsletter with helpful articles and rich resources. You’ll be well on your way to connecting more powerfully, reaching more people, and making a true difference with your work.

Want more?

If the idea of systems sounds great but you have no idea how to implement some or all of these systems in your business (and in a way that works for you), that’s where I can help. I’m brilliant at creating systems and processes out of anything as well as helping you customize systems and design a strategy that works for you.

If you’d like to chat about your business and what you might need in order to make it a successful, profitable, sustainable business that you adore the socks right off of, I invite you to sign up for a complimentary Discovery Session by clicking the button below or navigating to


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I want you to create a business you love and that is sustainable and profitable. I want you to have a business that makes a difference in the world.

I want you to flourish.