Love Your Business Deeply Challenge: Day 14 – Where are you the bottleneck?

This entire challenge was designed around the problem that most entrepreneurs small business owners start their businesses for certain reasons, but it’s very rarely to actually run a business.

One of the biggest problems almost every single business owner and entrepreneur face is the fact that they get in their own way. They try to do it all, be all, master every tool, software, and platform, and think that only if they’re experts at anything are they really worth of running in a business.

Not true!

It’s actually quite the opposite… the more you delegate to others, outsource, let go, and ONLY work in your Zone of Genius, the more successful you’re likely to be.

So where are you getting in your own way? Where are you the bottleneck?

Download the Where are you bottleneck worksheet to see where you are the bottleneck in your projects, and starting planning on releasing that cork!