Are your actions in alignment?

By Dawn Shuler

A few weeks ago, I was feeling very low energy, which was unfortunate timing as I had tons to do on my plate: networking, marketing, planning the next marketing campaign.

And I didn’t want to do any of it.

So, I didn’t.

I had just come off several weeks of working hard on my rebrand and new website launch, plus several speaking gigs, and potential client meetings (yay on all of the above).

So, I knew my low energy could have just been a natural part of the creative cycle – the downtime part of the cycle.

But I was worried that I was making easy excuses to NOT do work.

Was I in alignment with my energy, or was I in fear? Fear over putting myself and my new brand out there and possible rejection?

yoga pose

I don’t know that I had an answer to that question.  Mark (it is helpful to have a husband who is a licensed therapist) tell me that if I were operating out of fear, that would have felt different.  He asked me, “What does it feel like when you act from fear? Where do you feel it?”

That was an interesting set of questions.  When I’m in fear, I feel it in my chest; it’s hard to breathe, and I take very shallow breaths.

Being in low energy, while I might feel a little discouraged by lack of immediate results – “I just launched the new website yesterday. What do you mean people aren’t tearing down the doors?” – I wasn’t feeling fear.

As a girl of action, it’s hard for me to not judge – and judge harshly – my nonaction.  I love action! I love getting things done.  I love completion.  So sitting and just being can be hard for me.

Then there’s one of my mantras: follow your energy.  It was as if my two sides (I am a Libra after all trying to balance all sorts of things) were warring with each other: Action Girl and Follow Your Energy Girl.

Action – or nonaction as the case may be – is great… as long as it is in alignment… in alignment with your energy, with your goals, with positive forward motion (as opposed to fear).

I’d say the first step to determining if your actions are in alignment is to be aware.  Just asking the question is powerful.

Next, ask yourself what and where you’re feeling whatever you’re feeling. The more comfortable and familiar you get with your body and what it tries to tell you, the more easily you can determine if you’re in alignment or not.

Finally, give yourself a break.  Sometimes a cigar is just a cigar, after all.