51 reasons to join the Creating Content Club


While you get a ton of things each month in the Creating Content Club, like monthly trainings, interviews, virtual writing workshops, tools, and more, I think one of the biggest benefits of the Club is the rich library of resources.

Since the Creating Content Club began in October of 2014, each month there’s been a training or an interview and a tool. And all those trainings, interviews, and tools have been archived in the Creating Content Club Library. All of them.

That’s 13 training webinars, 12 interviews, and 25 tools. They don’t go away; they don’t get “locked in the vault.” They’re available to Creating Content Club members 24/7. And each month, I add more.

Some of the Creating Content Club members (the really smart ones!) actually schedule time to go through the Library to watch the trainings, listen to the interviews, and gobble up the tools.

Here’s a catalog of what’s in the Library as of today:

Training Webinars

  • 5 Tips to Start Writing that Book Today
  • Expand and Contract Your Content
  • How to Bang Out Blog Posts in No Time Flat
  • What Is Your Purpose?
  • Create Your Power Words Oracle Deck Intro Webinar
  • “I don’t know what to write!” 5 Steps to Find Your Hidden Content
  • Your Daily Success Plan in Action
  • Prioritizing Your Projects and Goals
  • What Is Your Zone of Genius?
  • Your Website… It’s Not About You
  • Social Media – Where do you belong?
  • Putting the Easy into Sales Pages Training Webinar
  • Quickie Marketing Plans for Any Product, Service, or Program


  • Interview with Barbara McNichol, book editor
  • Interview with Morna Golletz, magazine publisher
  • Interview with Lori Lynn Smith, radio show host
  • Interview with Kristy Schnabel, social media expert and Facebook ads expert
  • Interview with Marilee Tolen, using videos in your marketing
  • Interview with Michelle Goss, cool coach chick
  • Interview with Allison Nazarian, copywriter
  • Interview with Amy Taggart, website and graphics designer
  • Interview with Sofia Wren, creative intuitive
  • Interview with Vanessa Lowry, doodler, artist, and marketing expert
  • Interview with Ellen Koronet, social research expert
  • Interview with Jennifer Boykin, another cool coach chick


  • Writing Prompts
  • Nifty Guide for Writers
  • Expand/contract content worksheet
  • What are you writing in your business?
  • Blog Topic Formats
  • Tackling To Do’s Tool
  • What Is Your Purpose? Handout
  • Content Playsheet
  • Power Words Oracle Deck Worksheet
  • Turn up the Volume
  • Hidden Content Workbook
  • Soulful Work and Life Planning grid
  • Daily Success Plan worksheet
  • Playing Bigger in My Marketing
  • Project Goals Worksheet
  • Soulful Work Calendar
  • 4 Zones Worksheet
  • What would you write worksheet
  • Your Website Page by Page
  • Monthly Editorial Calendar
  • Social Media Philosophy Exercise
  • Quarterly Goals worksheet
  • Sales Page Content Generator
  • Creating the Hook in Your Marketing
  • One-page Marketing Plan Outreach Cheat Sheet

If you’ve been doing your math, then you know those are just 50 reasons.

claim-system-workbook-3dYour 51st reason is to get access to the CLAIM™ System Workbook, if you join the Creating Content Club by Wednesday, October 26. This workbook helps you get in touch with your deeper purpose and message… yours free for joining the Creating Content Club. It’s the perfect tool to help you go deep as you create content for your business.

As soon as you join, you get immediate access to the Club, including all the lovely goodies in the Library you see above.

I hope you’ll join me (and other business owners, content creators, and writers) in this exciting opportunity!


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There’s no long-term obligation; you can cancel your membership at any time.

Looking forward to creating content with you soon!