Creating Content and Writing Retreat in Taneytown, Maryland

April 23 – 26, 2017



2+ delicious days to work on your big goal projects, create powerful content, design program and product materials, and make significant progress toward your “Play Bigger” vision


  • Do you find that you don’t have the dedicated time to work on your big dream projects?
  • Do you feel as if you have to “force” the time to get things done?
  • Are you working too much in your business and not nearly enough ON your business? (When your days are filled with all the to-do’s, when do you work on the “big” stuff?)
  • Do you have some big ideas and big projects – or even medium-sized projects – that you’re just dying to get off the ground, but you never seem to have the time and space to do it?
  • Can you just not get to those projects at all, no matter your best efforts, and no matter how often you hear, “Just schedule it and do it”?
  • Do you yearn for a safe space and mentorship to get some movement and momentum in your business?
  • Are you trying to fit in work on your bigger projects in between phone calls and appointments… and then being frustrated by your lack of progress?
  • Do you suspect that you’re playing small – holding yourself back – and not living up to your potential?


Join me and other entrepreneurs (coaches, consultants, healers, marketers, association owners, writers, physical therapists, entrepreneurs, and other small business owners) on April 23-26 as we “escape” from the daily lives of our businesses, roll up our sleeves, and work on the content and projects that are going to make a difference in our businesses – and help us play bigger, instead of keeping ourselves safe… and small.

rsw_strategies_collageWhat kinds of projects could you work on during the 2-Day Creating Content and Writing Retreat?


  • Work on a book manuscript
  • Edit the first draft of your finished book
  • Design the course outline and content for a new workshop or program
  • Write the website copy for a brand-new or revamped website
  • Play with your product funnel
  • Write an article series for your blog or news publication
  • Create your new free gift
  • Plan your new home study product and its marketing campaign
  • Take an idea you’ve had for years and really start to flesh it out


What’s your big project that is going to make a difference in your business – and for your clients and customers – but that you just haven’t had time to work on?

What if you did work on it? How would that change things? How would you feel about yourself? How would you feel about your business? How you would feel about your project?

I suspect, if you’re anything like me, that you have tons of great ideas, and maybe you’ve even made progress on some of them. Your problem is not having enough time… And then you beat yourself up for not having the “self-discipline” or the willpower to get it done.

It’s not about self-discipline or willpower. It’s about everything else always seeming to take precedence. And our natural inclination to work on what’s in front of us… the fires we have to put out.

And so our poor little (or big!) projects never get the limelight.

Hence, why we need to get away from our daily lives and businesses to actually work on our projects!


What exactly is this 2-Day Creating Content and Writing Retreat?

Basically, it’s a gift you’re giving yourself and your business to get things done on your business and those bigger project goals. It’s a way to get out of your everyday environment and be with like-minded business owners who, like you, want to create something – or continue to create something – that’s going to move their businesses forward.

While this 2+-Day Retreat is mostly about writing and working on your projects, we’ll focus on uncovering your unique brand and deeper message… and really honing who you want to be known as and what you want to be known for in the world. That work is going to inform and lead the projects you work on in these two days… and long after.

Don’t worry… I’ll share fun, creative exercises to keep the energy high and your creativity flowing!

In addition, you’ll have the support and guidance of a seasoned business coach and strategist (that’s me!), through 1:1 on time during the retreat. You’ll also have the opportunity to participate in hot seat coaching where you can get feedback from the group along with coaching from me. And, finally, you’ll get focused, yet manageable, chunks of time to work on your projects, all the while with luxurious breaks to relax and cultivate your creativity.


So you come to this 2-day Creating Content and Writing Retreat… what exactly is it going to do for you? What are you going to walk away with?

Open book against grunge backgroundWell, first, and this is the obvious one… you get lovely time and space to work on your special baby. That project that’s always there, but never really gets center stage. Imagine blocks and blocks of time over these two days to work on your project, without the distractions of your everyday environment and life.

Secondly, the power of working on your goals creates this powerful energy and momentum that lifts you up, even beyond this two-day retreat. You’ll be motivated to do more.

Third, you feel good about yourself! No more inner critic gremlin telling you what a lowlife you are for not working on your project. You can kick that gremlin to the curb… “Hey, I AM working on my project! Buzz off!”

Fourth, you have the support and camaraderie of other business owners who are in the same boat you are… wanting to create powerful content that’s going to shift their businesses and send them to the next level…. It’s a powerful dynamic – being in a group together with like-minded people doing like things.

When was the last time you nurtured yourself or your dreamsFifth, you get a safe, sacred space to nurture your writing and content dreams.  I’m known for creating sacred spaces to share, to be vulnerable (because creating content can trigger our inner demons), and to actually blossom.

Finally, you get guidance, support, mentorship, creative exercises, and coaching from me. You don’t have to do this alone. You’re not going to be holed up in a cave to work on your project. You get to reach out for help, whether it’s for input on a headline on a sales page or help to get past a stuck point. I’ll be there every step of the way.

In my work over the last 14+ years working with small business owners to help them create flourishing, successful businesses, I have found that people have common struggles around creating the content that’s going to get them noticed in the world, and yet their hurdles feel so personal and vulnerable to them – like no one else in the world has issues getting content out there. (And they’re wrong, by the way. We ALL struggle with that!)

When you’re in a group, and you see that others have some of the same concerns and can work through those together… some of those barriers dissolve.

I’ll help you work through the obstacles that get in your way… so that you’re writing and making forward progress. No more stuckness. No more everything else taking precedence.

Just you in a group working with others on your project and big goals.


Are you ready to nurture your dreams and goals and create some powerful content?

Antrim 1844 House has stunning accommodations and nooks and crannies, both inside and out.

Antrim 1844 House has stunning accommodations and nooks and crannies, both inside and out.

We get full use of the entire Birnie House with our own private common areas for the deep work we'll be doing.

We get full use of the entire Birnie House with our own private common areas for the deep work we’ll be doing.

Just a few of the luscious, luxurious sleeping rooms.... imagine the deep work you can do here!

Just a few of the luscious, luxurious sleeping rooms…. imagine the deep work you can do here!



DATES: Sunday, April 23 through Wednesday, April 26, 2016.  Arrival Sunday, April 23, after 4:30pm, and departure on Wednesday, April 26, by 11:00am.

TIMES: Sunday: 5:00pm-9:00pm; Monday: 9:00am to 5:00pm; Tuesday, 9:00am to 5:00pm

LOCATION: Antrim 1844 Country House Hotel (only 90 minutes or fewer from the 3 major airports in the Washington, D.C./Baltimore metro area)

WINE AND CHEESE RECEPTION: Tuesday, April 25 at 5:00pm


What you get in the 2-Day Creating Content and Writing Retreat

  • Training to help you solidify your brand, clarify your message, and find the powerful words to convey it.
  • Hot seat coaching to get you past any content or writing roadblocks.
  • Fun exercises to open up your creativity and unlock that deeper, soulful message.
  • Group support and feedback – so that you aren’t creating content in a vacuum or isolation.
  • Lodging Sunday, Monday, and Tuesday nights (yes, lodging is included in the registration fee!)
  • Breakfast, lunch, dinner, and happy snacks to keep you energized and motivated throughout the retreat. Most food is prepared fresh, and as much of it is as organic as possible.
  • Special goodies to celebrate your commitment to your content, to your business, and to you.
  • Wine and cheese reception at the end of the retreat to celebrate all you’ve accomplished.
  • Time and space to create luxuriously (and maybe even take time for yourself… a foreign concept for some of us, I know!)
  • And, of course, the main reason you’re drawn to this 2-Day Retreat…. big blocks of focused, manageable time to work on your project.

BONUS: 45-minute Strategy Session with me to use before or after the 2-Day Writing Retreat… use it before the retreat to get clear on what you’ll be working on and how to use your time most effectively.  Use it after the retreat to continue the momentum created during these powerful two days. Your choice!


Ready to Join Us?

The regular price for this retreat is $1,847, and that covers all lodging, meals, supplies, wine and cheese reception, little gifties, and your retreat fee.  Through Friday, February 3, you can register your spot at the 2-Day Creating Content and Writing Retreat for $1,497, saving you $350, or you can pay via a four-payment plan with a $497 deposit and three monthly payments of $400 (making your total investment $1,697, which is still a savings of $150 over the regular price).







Any questions?

Here are some I’ve been getting, and I thought I’d share in case they were your questions, too.  (And, if you have a question that isn’t here, please ask… and then I’ll post the answer because it might help someone else, too!)

Q: What’s a retreat going to do for me anyway? I can do this on my own.

A: Really?  I don’t mean to be harsh, but if you were going to do it on your own, you would have already. There’s no shame in needing help, guidance, support, championing, and a safe space away from your normal environment to work on this Big Dream project.  Here’s what I know… if you want to say “Yes!” to this opportunity, that’s your soul and your intuition speaking to you.  If you start to overthink it and doubt whether you should take the time, spend the money, be away on Mother’s Day, then that’s the fear part of you wanting to keep you safe (or so it thinks).  And it will keep coming up with excuses to keep you playing small.

Q: Am I going to have to write for 8 hours a day for 2 days?!

A: Absolutely not! I don’t know anyone (including me) who could write for that much at one time.  I’ve carefully designed this retreat so there is a helpful mix of content, writing time, free time, and coaching.

Q: What if I get stuck, and I don’t know what to write?

A: That’s what I’m here for. I’m not just here to watch you write. I’m here when you need a sounding board to flesh out an idea or input on what you’ve written so far.  You’re not alone.

Q: Maryland sounds far away. Why should I travel to do this 2-day writing retreat?

A: You could certainly try a writing retreat at home, but you know as well as I do that your own environment comes filled with distractions and obligations. I’ve gone on several writing retreats – away from home – because I knew I just couldn’t do what I needed at home. You really need to be able to “get away from it all” – to escape – in order to really give your project the respect, time, and space it deserves.

Q: What will everyone else be working on? What if I’m doing something completely different?

A: That’s great! Whether other people are working on different projects or not, you’ll be able to give each other valuable feedback. Think of this retreat as a beta testing of your particular project, as you’ll have a chance to present what you’re working on and get feedback from the group (if you want it). And, since you’ll be working individually during the blocks of writing time, it really doesn’t matter what each of you is working on.  🙂

Q: I don’t know what I could work on. Help!

A: I suspect that, as an entrepreneur, you have a ton of ideas… you just haven’t had the time, space, and focused attention to work on any of them (or even get started). And if you need a little prodding, try some of these ideas:

  • Is there a new product or program you want to create?
  • Do you need to freshen up (or completely overhaul) your website content?
  • Do you want to make that leap and start the book that’s been brewing for years?
  • Do you want to blog but have trouble getting started?

If you still can’t think of your project but you just know you want to come to the retreat, be in touch with me.  I’ll be happy to help you figure it out!

Do these writing retreats really work?

I’ve been where you are…. with tons of projects and ideas… and frustrated and beating myself up that I didn’t seem to be getting anything done.  I did a tiny bit of work on a project here and on another one there. But never really any huge progress.

I finally realized the only way I was going to see significant progress (and, honestly, to stop feeling like I was a loser) was to go on a writing retreat.

writing retreat

My writing retreat space a few years ago

I left home for three days and the minute I pulled out of the driveway I felt this sense of elation… “I’m finally doing it! I’m finally showing stick-to-it-iveness!”

I brought two projects: a short story and my Feng Shui for Writers card deck.  Now, yes, both were in progress, but – and here’s the key – they had been in progress for what seemed like forever.  They didn’t seem to be going anywhere near the finish line.

By the end of the end of the writing retreat, I finished both projects and had room to start playing with a new one!

What’s possible for you?

Now, are you ready to come to this 2-Day Retreat?

The regular price for this retreat is $1,847, and that covers all lodging, meals, supplies, wine and cheese reception, little gifties, and your retreat fee.  Through Friday, February 3, you can register your spot at the 2-Day Creating Content and Writing Retreat for $1,497, saving you $350, or you can pay via a four-payment plan with a $497 deposit and three monthly payments of $400 (making your total investment $1,697, which is still a savings of $150 over the regular price).









What people have to say about coaching with me and writing with me…

"With Dawn's wise counsel, expertise and coaching, I've shifted from "I can't write" to "I'm a writer, who knew?!" Under her guidance, I've successfully co-authored a chapter in a published book, drafted all my website copy, and started a blog! This came after years of "stuckness" and procrastination.

Dawn helped me get out of my own way by listening deeply to what I was saying, feeling and wanting. She then helped find creative strategies that fit me and provided constant encouragement and direct feedback along the way. She is a rigorous accountability partner, yet we shared a lot of laughter and fun too. I highly recommend Dawn - she is a wonderful person, trusted business partner and friend."

Lee Ann Wurster-Naefe, PCC

"I just wanted to check in and tell you how thankful I am for your guidance, support and warmth!! You are a light unmatched by any other!"

Arion Long

"Dawn has a gift for communicating the need to be clear about your message and who you are serving. I have found this advice helpful in defining my niche market and as a result, I have gained clarity in my communication of my larger mission."

"Before I started working with Dawn, I was struggling with how to revise the message on my association website. I felt it wasn't focused on what was best for my audience of virtual assistants. Once Dawn reviewed my content, she asked me to describe what I ultimately wanted visitors to do. Then she gave me some ideas around how to share that message and craft the content. As a result of Dawn's coaching, my association members have gotten engaged and helped with the new design. I have learned to keep asking 'what's in it for them' as I continue working on the site. Dawn is exactly what I needed -- an impartial set of eyes!"

"Coaching with Dawn was more than I expected. There was support for me as well as the sharing of techniques that were specific to me. Not only me personally in a broad sense, but also specific to where I was in my process. There were times when I would end our conversations having not only come to a realization about a problem or dilemma that I had not been aware of that was holding me back, but also with the solution to that dilemma. Things that I know, looking back, would have taken me weeks or months to work through, I was able to identify and problem solve after one session.

I had not acknowledged the extent to which my negative self-talk got in the way of my productivity and creativity. Dawn's gentle but firm approach was ceaseless in guiding to that awareness and encouraging me to take a more positive approach, not only to my project, but to myself. At this point, I am more supportive of myself and the creative process.

There were times in talking with Dawn that I already had all the answers; it just took the trust in the relationship that she built with me to confirm those answers. It's like talking through a situation with a best friend that you trust to tell you the truth that you already know. As a result of those experiences, I now trust myself more and spend less energy second guessing and more on just enjoying the process.

As a result of coaching with Dawn, I am going to finish the project that she helped me with. I realize now that my biggest enemy is my time/schedule and not some inherent weakness in my abilities."

Dessie Z.
Prunedale, California

"Dawn immediately touched my heart from the moment of our first conversation. She is authentic, warm, cheery and caring. I had the pleasure of being coached by a special someone that is connected and true to her Self. Her end result is always the same; for her clients to speak their inner voice. She regularly stated that every one of us has something important to share with the world. We just have to find a way to let it out without judgment and criticism. Dawn was my way of allowing the message to surface and let it go through writing.

Dawn gave me generous and much needed support and guidance to dig deeper, and still continue to be true to myself. We quickly gloss things over when deep issues arise, not wanting to face them, but Dawn continued to encourage me and always expected me to do my best. She challenged me to see things differently and to believe in my message, as well as the writing process.

Dawn’s coaching empowers and challenges you to work deep; to find the core of your thoughts; to hear your voice; and to authentically be who you really are. Her process of writing is very healing. I highly recommend Dawn for the novice to the advanced. She gave me the confidence and trust to believe in me. Thank you, Dawn. I bless you for all you have done to help me."

Desiree Leigh Thompson, Ph.D

"Dawn and I have done a lot of work on refining my business systems and marketing copy. I had done a lot of training with other teachers and had a good base started for my business. But Dawn's systems-oriented mind is really helping me take each part of my marketing and business and refine it. Dawn's encouraging feedback on my weekly accountability emails has been really helpful, as have just taking the time to write a detailed reflection on how I'm doing for the week. I've also really appreciated the monthly Just-Write Virtual Writing Workshops to have focused time for writing in community."

"Where do I start...Dawn is amazing! I chose to work with Dawn after learning about her approach on using systems to distribute all the content we hold in our heads and hearts. When I knew it was time to launch my Hustle with Heart coaching business, and all the content I had to share needed the right places to go, I chose Dawn as my coach to break things down into bite-sized pieces so I can accomplish things in a "floaty downstream" action way.

She helped me get clear on my purpose and my message ("my beacon"), then step by step coached me through harnessing the right social media platforms in the right way to share that message.

Today, 60 days after we started, I've got my daily message in place, I've built my website, have my podcast ready to launch, and am crystal clear on where to put my action and effort. I most love Dawn's calming presence, encouragement of me staying true to my message and letting that be my beacon, and her willingness to share her screen and walk me through the technical steps of things. She reminds me to stay aligned to my purpose and my beacon, and that I am making progress toward reaching those that need what I have to provide. THANK YOU, DAWN!!!

"Before my strategy session with Dawn, I wasn’t sure how to get more clear on my ideal soul mate client. After my strategy session, I’m creating an ideal client profile, giving it a name. I’m lso creating a free opt in freebie. Now I have more of an understanding how to reach my ideal client and I know that I can do this!"

Ariëlle Verwey

"If you are in need of honest feedback and great advice on branding, I would definitely recommend Dawn Shuler. Dawn looked at my website and gave me some great suggestions on bringing the theme to my Facebook and other social media platforms, and it's been a big help. Sometimes you just don't see what others see, and this kind of feedback is really important to get the message across that you are trying to get others to hear. Thanks, Dawn!"

Linda Larson-Schlitz

"Dawn was the first coach I ever actually PAID, and buying her Smart Business Strategy Consultation was the best money I ever spent! She is incredibly easy to talk to, and she quickly understood the vague ideas I had about the future of my business, came up with loads of ideas, and shaped them into a concrete plan! And everything on the plan is practical and possible! If you are considering Dawn as your consultant, JUST DO IT!"

Jewell Machlan

"Working with Dawn was one of the best decisions I made when writing a sales page for an upcoming event. As a writer, I thought I had written great content, but with Dawn’s creative insight, I found a much more successful way to communicate the event. She coached me topic by topic and line by line by asking probing questions and offering much more productive solutions. Because of my work with Dawn, I have been able to use those same strategies to create quality content for other sales pages and blog posts. Not only is she super knowledgeable, but Dawn is one of the nicest people I have ever worked with. She encourages you to stretch yourself and your communication to a whole new level."

Esther Hughes

"Thank you for an amazing coaching session today, Dawn! We really got a lot accomplished in one session, and I feel motivated plus focused to take the actions steps to move forward. You certainly are the 'Systems Whisperer' - you 'whispered' the systems I needed right out of me, unique to me."

Rosemary Bredeson

"Prior to meeting Dawn, I was struggling with maintaining organization in my business and was constantly feeling overwhelmed. I was juggling too many things at once and trying to do it all at the same time. This, of course, left me feeling drained at the end of the day and even though I was constantly ‘busy,’ I realized that I really hadn’t been productive at all or gotten close to everything done that I needed to.

When I heard Dawn speak at a networking event about developing ‘Sacred Systems,’ I was immediately interested in setting up a call with her. During our call she really helped me to home in on what where I need to focus my time and energy in my business and gave me definite actionable steps that I needed to start implementing to create more order in my business.

Dawn helped show me that by putting off the things that I don’t enjoy doing that are not in my Zone of Genius, but NEED to be done, it was eating up my energy. I have started setting aside blocks of time to complete the tasks that need to be done by me, and delegating the rest. I am much more protective of my time and energy and am looking at ways that I can systematize all aspects of my business and life so I can be much more productive while still leaving time for the important things like family and fun!

Dawn truly has a gift at what she does and if you are struggling with overwhelm or disorganization in your business, or just need some guidance on how to create an amazing customer experience, I would highly recommend her. She will be like a breath of fresh air in your business!"

Dr. Stacy Snow, PT, DPT

"Dawn's Smart Business Strategy Session was exactly what I needed to take my business to another level. She helped me brainstorm and implement the systems that have allowed me to increase revenue and create programs and incentives that my clients really want!

After working with Dawn, I felt more confident about what I was offering and how to offer it, and felt empowered to take the steps I needed to get unstuck and soar. Her combination of intuitive, soulful and smart business strategy really worked for me." 

Laura Di Franco, MPT

"The Creating Content and Writing Retreat was exactly what I needed. It was a great mixture of deep purposeful activities and time to work on my writing projects. I left feeling accomplished, rejuvenated, and re-energized about my work in the world. And, I'm still inspired by the amazing array of women that came to the retreat."

About Dawn

Dawn purple left rotate shadowA long time ago, I became an English teacher because I wanted to help students communicate well and gain meaning and insight from the written word. While the experience of teaching wasn’t what I’d hoped it to be, it was the foundation for all I would do in my life. I just didn’t know it then.

I went on to start my own business as a virtual assistant and quickly moved into managing my clients’ businesses. I helped my clients make their already-successful businesses into thriving ones. I handled billing, website design and maintenance, vendors, other team members, product development, marketing campaigns, planning and strategizing, and all things content related. I began to see, or maybe just to remember, that there was a real need for people to learn how to communicate so that what they wrote was what others understood.

But more than that, I felt (and feel) passionately about people putting their authentic selves “out there,” to let the world see who they really were.  Because I believe that it’s only when we show up as who we really are that we can make any kind of difference.

It’s not a surprise, then, that I completely shifted from one path to another; I created an entire company around helping others put their authentic selves into their daily lives – through their businesses. I took everything I had done, as a teacher, as an online business manager, and as a business owner, and applied it to this new company, which is now over ten years old.

Over the years as my business has grown and I’ve worked with hundreds of entrepreneurs, I created all sorts of systems and processes to make this business of running a business easier. I’ve designed tools, programs, products, and classes for small business owners to help them uncover their deep message and purpose, and then align those with a strong, profitable, successful business that works for them… rather than for them working endlessly for their business.

Since 2005 I’ve been coaching entrepreneurs to clarify their message, focus on their goals, strategize those goals, and break them down into manageable actions.

As the Content Creator Extraordinaire, I help you create content out of your own strengths, gifts, and experiences (and you DO have them!).  I can easily see what might be a little tangled and hidden for you… I quickly get a picture of the content potential within a few moments of talking with someone, and then I can help her figure out how to actually manifest that into information, a product, a workshop, an exercise, even a book.

I help women entrepreneurs unleash their authentic selves into their businesses. I help business owners connect more powerfully, reach more people, and make a difference.

I look forward to helping you make a difference with this 2-Day Creating Content and Writing Retreat.