Smart Business Strategy Consultation

Are you lost in your to-do list?

Do you  suspect that you might be missing a crucial step in your short-term marketing plan?

Do you have your Big Dream Goals, but you’re not quite sure how to get there?


As an entrepreneur, you have a lot going on. 🙂  There’s this to-do on your list, and that to-do, and then all the things that need to happen for your marketing efforts, product creation, and program launches.  It’s hard to see where you’re going sometimes when all you can see are the next three feet on the path in front of you.

And that may be all you need… a quick shot in the arm to propel you along the path and the clear next step (or two or three or four!).

I’ve been working with hundreds of entrepreneurs and business owners over the last 14+ years, and in our consultations, I bring my gifts of big picture business strategy, a mind geared toward systems and processes, an instinct for what works, intuition to see to the heart of your strengths and challenges, and empathy to gently guide you to your goals.

You can use this one-hour Smart Business Strategy Consultation to get feedback on an idea, review a website page or marketing materials, or create a system or strategy to strengthen your business and make life a little easier.

What I’m amazing at is in just talking with you for a bit, I quickly see what you need, what might be missing, and your next step.

Are you ready to take a step with me?

Content Strategy Consultations are $297/hour.




See what other people have to say about the power of a strategy consultation with me…


"Before my strategy session with Dawn, I wasn’t sure how to get more clear on my ideal soul mate client. After my strategy session, I’m creating an ideal client profile, giving it a name. I’m lso creating a free opt in freebie. Now I have more of an understanding how to reach my ideal client and I know that I can do this!"

Ariëlle Verwey

"Working with Dawn was one of the best decisions I made when writing a sales page for an upcoming event. As a writer, I thought I had written great content, but with Dawn’s creative insight, I found a much more successful way to communicate the event. She coached me topic by topic and line by line by asking probing questions and offering much more productive solutions. Because of my work with Dawn, I have been able to use those same strategies to create quality content for other sales pages and blog posts. Not only is she super knowledgeable, but Dawn is one of the nicest people I have ever worked with. She encourages you to stretch yourself and your communication to a whole new level."

Esther Hughes

"If you are in need of honest feedback and great advice on branding, I would definitely recommend Dawn Shuler. Dawn looked at my website and gave me some great suggestions on bringing the theme to my Facebook and other social media platforms, and it's been a big help. Sometimes you just don't see what others see, and this kind of feedback is really important to get the message across that you are trying to get others to hear. Thanks, Dawn!"

Linda Larson-Schlitz